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I am staff member at the Center for High Performance Computing responsible for scientific application programming support. As such, I am working with various research groups that use the Center's computer resources on parallelizing their codes and porting them to the platforms that CHPC supports.
Apart from application development, I conduct educational courses on parallel programming and software tools used in code development for the CHPC users. Most of them can be found at the CHPC Presentations page.

My previous gigs include two years of postdoctoral fellowship in Greg Voth's Group at the Henry Eyring Center for Theoretical Chemistry and the University of Utah, working on Multi-State Empirical Valence Bond method for anions in aqueous solution. I got my PhD. from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in August 1998. There I worked in Steve Scheiner's group. Subject of my research were initially isotope effects in the hydrogen bonding of water clusters. My PhD. dissertation consisted of two projects, excited state proton transfer and stability study of B-C-N clusters. Before that, I spent five years at the Technical University of Ostrava getting my Dipl. Ing. degree in Process Control in Metallurgy, which can be seen as a mix of Chemical and Electrical Engineering degree here in the US. You can see it all in my updatedresume.


Apart from work, I travel around and write about it (on the computer, as noone, sometimes even myself, can read my handwriting). The initial goal was just to inform my family and friends about my deeds, but once something is in the computer, it is easy to put it on the web. I update this quite often, so make sure you bookmark it and come back.
*updatedStories from my trips around the US

Pro české čtenáře, zde je přímý link na mé updated příběhy v češtině.


I was born in the Czech Republic (at that time Czechoslovakia), in a small village of Brtov, small village about 30 km north of Brno, where my family lives in this house. I also have ties to Ostrava, where I spent five years at my alma mater, Technical University of Ostrava, the steel heart of the country. If you are interested to know more about me, you can look at my updatedresume.


As for my pasttime activities, I enjoy biking, hiking, running, and variously fooling around. Utah is great for the first three, a little more uptight towards the last. But hey, one can't have everything. In case you missed it above, here's is a fairly detailed documentation of my travels from the time I moved to the US.

Culture-wise, I grew up in the eighties, so, I listen to rock, the heavier, the better. But, due to the continental European upbringing, I try to go to classical music concerts or opera, whenever there is some exciting production in the town (i.e. not that often as I would like to). I would also enjoy seeing good movies, either in cinemas, or in the TV. Unfortunately, these are hard to find in the US. Fortunately, with appropriate hacks, one can play euro-coded DVDs on the PC, so, my family keeps me supplied with the good stuff, that hardly makes it to the US screens.


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