Visit of chateau Lysice


Chateau Lysice is located in a small town of the same name. We ended up going there on Sunday afternoon after my brother's wedding. Incidentally, his wife is teaching in this town, it's about 9 kms from our village. I have many good memories associated with the large park behind the chateau, in which is located an open air amphitheater with a large movie screen. In the summer, they show movies there every other evening. During my high school years, me and my friends would often bike to the theater, leaving our bikes at my relatives nearby, have several beers during the movie and then have a joyful midnight ride home, mostly without lights. The roads in the area are not that busy, so it was OK.
The chateau was founded who knows when, but in the first note about my village Br¯ov, from ca. 1150, it says that the village belonged to a church located in Lysice, so, I would assume that some noble family was already living there. There were probably many renovations over the centuries, and the current shape of the chateau is most likely from the last century. We ended up coming there too late for the inside tour, so went for a garden tour. The garden was recently renovated and is definitely worth seeing. I think than inside of the chateau are some weapons collections and stuff like that.


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foto My mom and Dina in front of the chateau.
foto foto Two pictures from the lower garden.
foto View at the chateau from the east.
foto foto foto Several pictures from the upper garden.
foto Views from the arcade to the upper part of the chateau.
foto Views from the arcade at the lower garden, some countess supposedly used to change in that round shaped bush in front of the pool before we went in the pool.
foto foto Views from the arcade towards the courtyard in front of the chateau.
foto Views from the arcade east on the main town. Note the two hills in the background, which are a dominant of the region
foto Fig hot house. They used to grow figs there about 200 yrs. ago, when it was still expensive to ship them from Mediterranean. The roof could be rolled off in the summer.
foto Inside of the greenhouse beneath the fig house. It is how it looked like when it was built some 100 yrs. ago and now is used to grow fresh plants for the chateau decoration.

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