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Mountain Meteorology Group

Mountain Met Facilities

Mountain Meteorology-related Classes:

ATMOS 3200/GEOG 3280 Mountain Weather and Climate
ATMOS 5250/6250 Mountain Meteorology
ATMOS 5260/GEOG 5260 Snow Dynamics and Avalanche Studies
ATMOS 5910 Special Topics
ATMOS 6910 Graduate Special Topics
ATMOS 6970 Thesis Research: Master's
ATMOS 7970 Thesis Research: PhD
ATMOS 7820 Mountain Meteorology Seminar


Scheduled atmospheric science classes are held in various university buildings as assigned by the university. A separate local classroom/library is available in the William Browning Building at WBB 802. In addition, a synoptic meteorology classroom with computers and display equipment is in WBB 711 and a meteorological instrumentation classroom is in WBB 703.


William Browning Building. The top two floors are the main Atmospheric Sciences Department facilities.

Intermountain Networking and Scientific Computing Center. The Mountain Meteorology Group occupies part of the top (4th) floor.

INSCC fourth floor. The Mountain Meteorolgy Group offices are here. Students are in the cubicles; faculty and staff are in the outside offices.

INSCC fourth floor. Another view.

WBB 706. Instrumentation Laboratory, where small-scale meteorological equipment is stored and laboratory facilities are available.

WBB 703. Meteorological Instrumentation classroom. Campbell Scientific Inc. has made a substantial donation of meteorological equipment to the department for this classroom.

Mountain Meteorology Laboratory, Bldg 837. We store larger meteorological equipment here and use the space for field study staging and equipment checks and calibration.

Downtown Storage. We have an offsite storage area for our trailer-mounted SoDAR.

Specialized Equipment Available for Mountain Meteorology Projects

Halo Photonics Scanning Doppler wind LiDAR (1)
ASC Model 4000 SoDAR (1)
Graw radiosonde sets (2)
Vaisala CL-31 ceilometers (2)
Vaisala CT-12K ceilometers (7)
CSI Automatic weather stations (6)
Mobile weather stations (2)
Department's 4WD Dodge RAM Truck 2012 (1)
Wells Cargo storage/hauling trailer (1)
Pyranometers and pyrgeometers (3)
Onset Computer HOBO temperature/humidity dataloggers (~100)
Campbell Scientific dataloggers (3)
Tethered balloons and winches (3)
Thermocouple arrays (3)
Field tent (1)
Field kit (1)

Computer facilities

Mountain meteorology group students are assigned to individual iMac computers.
The mountain meteorology group is co-located with the Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC) on the fourth floor of the Intermountain Networking and Scientific Computing Center (INSCC) building. CHPC provides personal computer support, as well as access to their high performance computing services.

Directions to the Mountain Meteorology Group offices on the UU campus

Map of the north side of the university campus showing the suggested route to the pay lot. INSCC is west of the pay lot.

Directions: Drive east from downtown Salt Lake City on 100 South. After crossing 1300 East, turn right at the second light (Wolcott Street) to follow a tortuous path (left, right, left) to Visitor Parking. Visitor Parking is a pay parking lot with a gate and attendant. If this parking lot is full, return to 100 South and continue driving east until encountering a blue visitor parking sign to an alternate pay parking lot east of the UU Student Union. The pay lot is just east of our building, INSCC (4 story flesh colored building). A sign at the east entrance to the building identifies the building. If you enter here you will enter on the 2nd floor. The MMG offices are up the stairs on the 4th floor. The main entrance to INSCC is on the southwest side. There you enter on the 1st floor. Note, we may have parking stamps available so you won't have to actually pay for parking.

Many of our department seminars are held in INSCC 110. Smaller practica are usually held in INSCC 345.
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