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Mountain Meteorology Group

People in the Mountain Met Group

Students in the Mountain Met Group are usually advised by one of four professors, but some projects and topics can be guided by multiple advisors or collaboratively with other advisors in the department.

Sebastian Hoch

John Horel

Jim Steenburgh

Dave Whiteman

Ph.D. Student
Matt Jeglum
Erik Crosman

Alex Jacques

Chris Foster
Brian Blaylock
Ansley Long
Jeff Massey
Leah Campbell
Peter Veals

Wyndam Lewis
Manuela Lehner
Matt Hills

The mountain meteorology group does not have its own administrative staff. However, MesoWest, which is within the group, has staff engaged in support activities. Staff include:

  • Chris Galli
  • Nola Lucke
  • Judy Pechmann
  • Matt Lammers
  • Joe Young
  • Pei Zhu
  • Xia Dong
  • Plus computer specialists and undergraduate employees.

We also have ongoing collaborations with faculty in the Biology, Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering departments at UU.

Mountain met group photos

2014 - San Diego, CA

UU attendees at 16 AMS Conference on Mountain Meteorology, August 2014. Left to right: Jeff Massey, Jim Steenburgh, Peter Veals, Dave Whiteman, Sebastian Hoch, Matt Hills, Manuela Lehner, John Horel, Alex Jacques, Brian Blaylock, Derek Mallia, Zhaoxia Pu, and Chris Foster. Missing: Erik Crosman, Matt Jeglum, and Leah Cambpell.

2012 - Steamboat Springs, CO

2011 - Salt Lake City, UT

Mountain Meteorology Group, 28 September 2011. Left to right: Sebastian Hoch, Chris Ander, John McMillen, Roger Akers, Joe Young, Erik Crosman, John Lawson, Leah Campbell, Matt Jeglum, Ramona Atherton, Morgan Farley-Chrust, Trevor Alcott, Alex Jacques, Chris Galli, Dan Tyndall, Nola Lucke, John Horel, Manuela Lehner, Yan Zheng, Dave Whiteman, Xia Dong, Jim Steenburgh. Missing: Neil Lareau, Kristen Yeager, Jeff Massey, Christina Wall, Maura Hahnenberger, Kevin Hammond.

2010 - Squaw Valley, CA

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