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Mountain Meteorology Practica

Spring 2012


11 Jan
18 Jan
15 Feb

29 Feb
07 Mar
04 Apr
11 Apr


Dr. Rich Rotunno
Trevor Alcott
Dr. Dragan Zajic

Greg Maurer
Dr. Dave Bowling
Dr. Katie Lundquist
Nick Nauslar


Basics of rotating-flow boundary layers
Upstream orographic influences in Great Salt Lake-effect snowstorms
Flow and dispersion in urban areas and an overview of the Granite Mountain Atmospheric Sciences Testbed (GMAST)
The influence of seasonal snowpacks on the temperature and water content of western U.S. mountain soils
Ionic deposition in Wasatch snow during PCAPS
The immersed boundary model IBM
Fire weather in the Intermountain West

Fall 2011


14 Sep
21 Sep
28 Sep
05 Oct

26 Oct
02 Nov
09 Nov

16 Nov

02 Dec


Jon Rutz
Morgan Farley-Chrust
Manuela Lehner
Dr. Stephan DeWekker

Dr. Larry Mahrt
Kristen Yeager
Neil Lareau

John Lawson

Dr. Megan Daniels


Quantifying the role of atmospheric rivers in the interior western United States
An introduction to the Weber Canyon exit jet experiment
WRF LES simulations of the thermally driven cross-basin circulation in idealized basins
Convective boundary layer heights in mountainous terrain: A historical overview and new insights from observations in the Appalachian Mountains.
Unanticipated control by micrometeorology and cold pools
Quantitative estimates of the contribution of lake-effect precipitation to the cool-season hydroclimate of the Great Salt Lake Basin Southerly mix-out events during PCAPS
Multiple slantwise wind shear/signal power maxima associated with frontal passages from vertically-pointing clear-air radar
Mountain flow modeling adventures under harsh surface boundary conditions

Fall 2012


13 Sep
27 Sep
02 Oct
04 Oct
06 Nov
20 Nov
04 Dec


Prof. John Horel
Prof. Stephan DeWekker
Dr. Bob Banta
Prof. Joe Fernando
Dr. Alex Reinecke
Prof. Bart Geerts
Dr. Larry Dunn


Chasing the Wind: The 1 Dec 2011 Downslope Windstorm
Convective Boundary Layer Heights in Mountainous Terrain
Observational Techniques: Sampling the Mountain Atmosphere
Fluid Dynamics in Urban Atmospheres
NWP Overview with Applications to Complex Terrain
Field Studies of Orographic Precipitation
Operational Gridded and Cottonwood Canyons Forecasting
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