From Salt Lake to Bountiful and back

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Name:From Salt Lake to Bountiful via Muller Park and back
Details: Exploration of a feasibility of ride from SLC to Bountiful. Up from City Creek on Shoreline trail, as of 2003, the trail from radio towers to the Boutiful golf course is widened and covered with fine gravel. Then on the road on the Shoreline bench to North Canyon, up it a bit on the road, then much more on first a loose jeep/ATV track, last several miles to Rudy's Flat on nice singletrack. Then a long singletrack descent down Muller Park trail (much better done in this direction than the other, going down North Canyon), on the road back to golf course, and on Shoreline Trail back to SLC. A nice afternoon ride.
Trip Length: 31.02 miles
Total Trip Time:4:17
Total Climbing: 4450 feet
Total Descending: 4911 feet
Average Speed: 7.22 mph