Salt Lake to Mueller Park the high way

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Name:Salt Lake to Mueller Park the high way
Description:A classic fall ride. I usually ride this once or twice in the fall. Usually I just ride the Shoreline trail to Bountiful, up North Canyon and down Mueller Park trail. This time I decided to put the hurt on a bit more and ride up the City Creek ridge. There's an ATV track on the ridge, that seems to have got more use over the last few years, as the uphills were considerably more loose with baby head rocks. Then there is a turnoff down the ridge heading west that shortly switchbacks on the north side of North Canyon. This is a fun trail, steep but not very loose since it's in dense vegetation. There were some ruts due to recent rain, but, all was rideable, although with some raised hair. Then up North Canyon to Rudys Flat, and down Mueller Park. Ride down Mueller Park is always a blast. Despite Saturday afternoon, it was not too busy, which was great. Then the lame ride through Bountiful neighborhoods back to the Shoreline. Here I experienced the most intense moment of the ride. There's new construction in the area where Shoreline used to start, and the trail is rerouted, but, not signed well. I ended up riding on the golfcourse path which resulted in an argument with a golfer who did not want to hit me and then be liable. Anyway, after some freeriding on the golf course and in the construction zone I successfully found the trail and the rest of ride to SLC went without incident.
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Total Distance:36.84 miles (59.29 km)
Total Trip Time:13421 days 18:58:13 (1:54:06 moving time) THe real time was about 5 hours
Total Climbing:3652 feet (1113 m) - the real climbing was probably about 6000 ft.
Total Descending:1338 feet (408 m)
Average Speed:19.37 mph (31.18 kph)

Some more fotos after GPS batteries went out

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