Navajo Lake loop trail

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Name:Navajo Lake loop trail
Description:A quick warmup ride on a frigid September morning.
Started at the Navajo Lake lodge where we stayed. Rode clockwise. First came a 400 ft climb to the Virgin Rim Trail junction that warmed me up. Then descent to Te-ah campground, some search for the continuing trail (ride the road down towards the lake to the campground, then to the easternmost campsite and take singletrack from there towards the lake, then connect to dirt road that is the loop trail). The north side of the lake is less vegetated, the trail goes through groves of aspens. At the eastern end of the lake, the trail goes through lava field, but, the trail is pretty well made and wide (regardless, Forest Service has warning signs that lava is sharp). The south side of the lake is more wooded, but, the trail still does just small ups and downs. There was also a lot of deer on the north side, to the point that I was worried about colliding with one.
Overall a good quick ride with nice scenery and wildlife.
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Total Distance:11.60 miles (18.67 km)
Total Trip Time:1:17:32 (1:17:32 moving time)
Total Climbing:1427 feet (435 m)
Total Descending:1101 feet (335 m)
Average Speed:8.98 mph (14.45 kph)