SLC to Big Mountain Pass, Parley's Summit and back

big_mt18.jpg big_mt20.jpg big_mt22.jpg big_mt24.jpg big_mt26.jpg big_mt28.jpg big_mt30.jpg big_mt01.jpg big_mt04.jpg big_mt06.jpg big_mt08.jpg big_mt10.jpg big_mt12.jpg big_mt14.jpg big_mt16.jpg big_mt02.jpg big_mt03.jpg big_mt05.jpg big_mt07.jpg big_mt09.jpg big_mt11.jpg big_mt13.jpg big_mt15.jpg big_mt17.jpg big_mt19.jpg big_mt21.jpg big_mt23.jpg big_mt25.jpg big_mt27.jpg big_mt29.jpg big_mt02a.jpg big_mt03a.jpg big_mt04a.jpg big_mt05a.jpg big_mt06a.jpg big_mt07a.jpg big_mt08a.jpg big_mt09a.jpg
Name: A 70 km, 2000 m vertical ride that I did with Gary during last day of May 2003. Click on the camera images to see the fotos from that point. The distances below are screwed, since I turned the GPS only on the top of Emigration Canyon.
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Trip Length: 35.30 miles
Total Trip Time:5:17
Total Climbing: 4521 feet
Total Descending: 6404 feet
Average Speed: 6.71 mph

Some more pictures of me from Gary

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