Lakeside Mountains loop

Name:Lakeside Mountains loop
Description:A decent spring loop around mountains that flank the Great Salt Lake from the west. Started near Poverty Point at the southeastern edge of the mountains, and rode clockwise. There was only two climbs worth mentioning on the whole ride, both in the first 30 minutes. All ride was on dirt roads ranging from seldomly used to widely used. The loop could be shortened up to 25-30 miles if one crossed the mountains to the east either through Monarch Canyon or through Wall Pass. No pictures this time, camera is being repaired.
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Trip Length:41.43 miles (66.65 km)
Total Trip Time:3:32:48 (3:21:04 moving time)
Total Climbing:4132 feet (1259 m)
Total Descending:4166 feet (1270 m)
Average Speed:12.36 mph (19.89 kph)