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Name:Lambs Canyon - Millcreek Canyon connection (from the Avenues via Emigration and Parleys Cyns. and return trip detour via Big Cottonwood Canyon
Details:An epic that started innocently as a plan to explore Lambs Canyon Trails on both Lambs C. and Millcreek C. sides. In order to get a longer ride of this, I rode from home to Emigration Cyn. Here I met Gary who's morning epic road ride excited me to higher performance. I dropped to Parleys, where I unsuccessfully explored an off-I-80 connection to Lambs Canyon. Then I went up Lambs to a gate (Private property - no hiking or biking), down a couple of miles onto Lambs Cyn. trail, which on 3 kms viciously climbs about 400 m vertical to pass above Millcreek, then drop to Elbow Fork. Here I figured that I still can go up to top of Millcreek, and see there, how the legs feel. They felt alright, so, although it was odd day (= no bikes in upper Millcreek), I hopped on Big Water Trail to Dog Lake (hoping that if I get busted, I could get away with the story where all I was today) and down Mill D to Big Cottonwood. Then a cruise down, refueling at the 7-11 and ride along the foothills back home.

As always, look for the tiny camera thumbnails to see the foto from the area.
Trip Length: 97.5 km
Total Trip Time:6:30, riding 5:10
Total Climbing: 2250 m
Total Descending: 2250 m

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