EMW100 - From the Valley to Weber Canyon, Morgan and East Canyon

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Name:EMW100 - From the Valley to Weber Canyon, Morgan and East Canyon
Description:An almost 100 mile road loop rode from home. First 15 miles or so I followed the tracks of Salt Lake Century. From Farmington I followed several state roads to the southern edge of Hill AFB and then towards Hwy 89. Then followed several mile section of freeway-like Hwy 89, which was not too bad thanks to quite wide shoulder. I-84 through Weber Canyon was not that pleasant. I had pretty strong headwinds, the shoulder was quite narrow to non-existent on two bridges. Quite a harrowing experience that I survived by luck of not being on the bridge with semi truck passing. I exited the freeway at the first chance and a few miles later stopped for nerve settlement and lunch at a Sinclair gas station. Here I made a mistake to fall for SoBe 2 for $2 sale, drank 2 bottles and had a burger, which my oversweetened stomach did not even finish. I rode with heavy stomach for the rest of the ride only forcing in one Powerbar and downing about 3 bottles of Gatorade - which is the only thing that kept me going.
The ride through Morgan Valley on a county road was quite pleasant, the East Canyon road was not too bad either although it did not have any shoulder (a common trait of Utah state roads). Fortunately I did not meet any RVs and only one pickup earned a lifted finger for passing too close. I lucked out with the weather. There was a storm over Big Mountain as I started the climb towards East Canyon Reservoir, but, by the time I got out of East Cyn. towards the pass, it moved north so I only rode on wet road. Once at the pass, all was well as only a coast down with small hump over the Little Mountain Pass was dividing me from home.
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Total Distance:99.16 miles (159.59 km)
Total Trip Time:6:57:48 (6:07:35 moving time)
Total Climbing:6565 feet (2001 m)
Total Descending:6243 feet (1903 m)
Average Speed:16.19 mph (26.05 kph)