Trip to Mexico

I took this trip during the Christmas 1997. Me and other three friends flew to Cancún, rented a car there and traveled all around for over three weeks.

Plan of the trip

Cancún - Tulúm (Mayan ruins) - Cobá (Mayan ruins) - Chetumal - Palenque (Mayan ruins) - waterfalls Misol-Ha and Aqua Azul - San Cristobal - Tuxtla Gutierrez - Salina Cruz - Mitla (Zapotéc ruins) - Oaxaca - Monte Albán (Zapotéc ruins) - Cuautla - Teotihuacan (ruins) - Pachuca - Tula (Toltéc ruins) - Mexico City - Amecameca - Popocatépetl - Puebla - Villahermosa - Campéche - Uxmal (Mayan ruins) - Mérida - Progresso - Izamal - Chichén Itzá (Mayan ruins) - Cancún (Puerto Morelos)


Pictures are listed in the order we visited the places.

Cabana (cottage) in Tulum, where we slept the first two nights.
Tulum , ruins of the only Mayan town on the coast of the Carribean See
Ruins of the Mayan town Becán on the border of the states Quintana Roo and Campéche
Palace a main pyramid in Palenque, Mayan town in the tropical rainforest of Chiapas
Temple of the Cross in Palenque
Waterfall Misol-Ha in Chiapas
Cascades Aqua Azul in Chiapas
Cathedral in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas
Sumidero Canyon in Chiapas
Cathedral in Oaxaca
Zapotec ruins Mitla
Monte Albán, center of the Zapotec civilization
Reliefs from Monte Albán
View at the Popocatépetl, volcano close to Mexico City
Top of Popocatépetl with the visible glacier and smoke from the crater
View at Iztaccíhuatl, neighboring mountain of Popocatépetlu. We climbed a bit on it.
Me on the slopes of Iztaccíhuatl
Teotihuacan, center of the unknown civilization close to Mexico City, view at Avenue of the dead, the main street, from the Pyramid of the Moon
Pyramids of the Sun and Moon in Teotihuacan, one of the highest in the world
Detail of the wall in the Temple of Quetzalcoátl (one of the major gods) in Teotihuacan
Paseo del Reforma, Mexico City, principal thruway in the city
Stock exchange building on the Paseo del Reforma, Mexico City
Independence Monument on the Paseo del Reforma, Mexico City
Main square (Zócalo), Mexico City
Typical tiled house in Puebla
Tiled church in Puebla
Overall view at Tula, center of the Toltec civilization, north from Mexico City
Statues on the top of the temple in Tula
Street in Campeche, an old colonial town on the Mexican Gulf coast
Palace in Kabah, belonging to the Uxmal culture
Pyramid in Uxmal, probably the steepest we have seen
Builing complex close to the pyramid in Uxmal
Main palace in Uxmal
Monastery in Izamal, the oldest and largest in Yucatan
Pyramid in Chichén Itzá
Palace of the Columns (and me) in Chichén Itzá
"Observatory" in Chichén Itzá
Mexican cemetery close to Chichen Itzá
Puerto Morelos, a little port where we spent the last two days

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