Trip to the Niagara

I took this trip in the middle of September 1997 with my friend Galina and another two Czech guys. Originally planned route was Carbondale - Louisville - Cinncinnatti, Columbus - Pittsbutgh - Niagara Falls - Toronto - Detroit - Indianapolis - Carbondale. Unfortunately, Galina, as a Russian citizen, needed visas to Canada, so only us Czechs went to Toronto and came back to Niagara Falls, and from there Cleveland - Columbus - Indianapolis - Carbondale

Procter and Gamble Plaza, Cinncinnatti, Oh.

C. Columbus statue, Columbus, Oh.

Santa Maria replica, Columbus, Oh.

PGP place, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Niagara Falls, American Fall

Tour ship on the Niagara River.

American Fall from the Cave of the Winds tour.

Horsheshoe Falls in the evening

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