Fruita Fat Tire Festival


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Saturday morning
foto Saturday morning on a plateau close to Fruita.
foto View south with faint La Sal Mtns. from our Sat. campspot.
Group ride Prime Cut - Frontside
foto Panorama on Prime Cut ca. 1 mile from the trailhead.
foto Panorama from where Prime Cut meets 18 road.
foto Panorama north-east on the Frontline singletrack.
foto View from the same spot south-west.
Afternoon ride at the Kokopeli's area
foto 360 deg. panorama from the eastern high point in Moore Fun Trail.
foto Panorama west from the western high point on Moore Fun Trail.
Evening party
foto Panorama of the park where was the party.
foto Traffic post decorated with bikes.
foto Over the Edge store with the neons on.
foto Pizza place where we had dinner.
Sunday group ride - the Edge loop
foto Panorama at the bottom of the dirt road that climbs up Coal Canyon.
foto The group at the same spot, view south.
foto Panorama from the upper part of the climb up Coal Canyon.
foto Panorama almost at the top of the main climb.
foto Panorama south from the viewpoint at the top of the Book Cliffs.
foto Panorama west from the same spot. We rode till the end of the jeep road and then down and into the canyon that goes through the middle of the picture.
foto The group socializing at the viewpoint.
foto foto Leaving the viewpoint on a tricky descent on the jeep road.
foto The group above the dryfall which requires portage.
foto foto foto foto Shots of the dryfall in the process of shuttling the bikes down.
foto foto foto foto After the bikes were shuttled, it was the people's turn.
foto Shot of a secret trail through a meadow at the end of the ride. This is how the trails used to be before ignorant bikers started to ride the trails at the Bookcliffs.
foto Group shot at the end of the ride.

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