Here is the map of the trail system that I have compiled from several sources. It's not exact, but should give an idea.

List of images:

foto 1. Panorama with Twin Knolls from the jeep road just above the Red trail trailhead.
foto 2. View towards the eastern Knoll with the trail registration box.
foto 3. Soon after the trailhead, the trail turns into a slicrock mess like this.
foto 4. One example of what I did not have the guts to ride, rock slab covered with sand and loose rock ending in about 20 cm deep sand pit.
foto 5. After that follows about 20 m of easily ridable terrain.
foto 6. Another of the many tricky sections, ending in another sand pit.
foto 7. About 2/3 way through between the trailhead and Iron Wash, on a top of a small but tricky ascent.
foto 8. Steep descent into Iron Wash. I have carried my bike here as well.
foto 9. Iron Wash floor, mix of loose small gravel, sand and occasional rock slabs. The gravel and sand were churned up by the motorcycles, which required a lot of pushing.
foto 10. Exit from Iron Wash, another example of too loose surface on which it was hard to climb.
foto 11. Sign pointing to Iron Wash on its southern side.
foto 12. Junction of Red and Orange trails.
foto 13. Panorama from a hill nearby, where Orange trail descends to meet with Blue trail.
foto 14. Junction of Orange trail and Blue trail.
foto 15. View south from Orange trail about 1/2 mile past the junction with Blue trail, Temple Mountain is visible for the first time.
foto 16. Panorama south and east a bit further, with a nice descent towards the wash and junction with Green trail.
foto 17. Small wash which the trail follows for about 1 mile before junction with the Green trail, view up.
foto 18. View down from the same spot.
foto 19. Me at the junction of Orange and Green trail, I was met there by two bikers, the only people I have seen on the trail that day.
foto 20. Panorama of San Rafael Reef from about 1/2 mile past the Green trail junction.
foto 21. Trail registration box in the canyon north of North Temple Wash (Farnsworth Canyon).
foto 22. View south towards Temple Mtn. from a 4WD road connecting North Temple Wash and Farnsworth Cyn.