China Camp SP ride map and pictures

Here is the map of my tracks as taken by the GPS and plotted using the demo version of Topofusion (260 kB), and here is the elevation profile.
The suggested loop from a guide, about 10 miles, turned out too short, so, I made a modified double loop to a total of about 30 km and 800 m vertical. First gently climbing up Bay View singletrack, up to the Ridge trail via some kind of old missile site, down Ridge to Miwok FT, up Shoreline Tr. back to Bay View tr., taking it all the way to Oak Ridge tr. and then to Shoreline and back to the car (parked alongside the road near the campground). The whole ride took around 2 hours and was quite enjoyable, especially the slow downhill on the second half of Bay View and Oak Ridge trails.

List of images:

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Bay View trail as it climbs up.
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A few shots from the missile site, looking west to San Rafael, and east to the SF Bay.
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Me on the ridge trail with the bay in the background.
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Bay View trail as it starts to descend.
Panorama of the bay with San Rafael bridge in the foreground and Oakland bridge and San Francisco barely visible in the back.
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Views from the southern parts of the Oak Ridge trail SE and NE.
Return on the Shoreline trail.