Spring weekend in Moab

16.3. - 17.3. 2005

A quick retreat to a first real warm riding of the year - since the weather was warm even in SLC that weekend, but, it was time for some more serious biking and hanging out with friends so Moab was more attractive. However, after breathing ATV dust and having to smell campfires at Sand Flats whole evening, I may stay further away from Moab next time.

I left SLC at 6.15am on Saturday and at 9.45am pulled over at Gemini Bridges trailhead. It was quite crowded with ATVers, bikers and spectators to Moab Marathon. I did not waste much time there and in 15 minutes took off to Gold Bar Rim and beyond. Clickable map and fotos are here. Back at the parking lot it was again the same story with a lot of noise from ATV and motorcycle owners driving around the lot all the time. So, I just quicky washed off and drove out of the mayhem to the entrance to Arches NP to meet with Dina and Jhih-Wei.
They arrived shortly thereafter and we drove to the park to walk to Delicate Arch and watch the sunset. It was not too spectacular as the sun set into clouds, but, it was still fun to explore the area, as can be seen from the fotos.
Then we drove to crowded Sand Flats campground to a not so cool campspot. Ear plugs did the trick, though, so I got good sleep.

After a slow Sunday start I took off for Porcupine Rim ride. My legs already felt like they did something, so, I did not push myself too hard, but, still, got a remark from a guy that I passed on the downhill that I am racing. Not really, but I had a good time on all the bumps, for the first time on full suspension with a new Fox ProPedal shock. Clickable map and fotos are here.
I got back to campspot about 1.15pm, ate, packed the tent, reapplied sunscreen and set of to what was promising to be a hot ride on Slickrock trail. It ended up not too bad as it got quite breezy, and Sunday afternoon meant that the crowds were almost gone, I only met four people on the main loop. Clickable map and fotos are here. Back at the camp a bit before five, I figured that I've had enough of riding and took off for home.

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