Climbing Mt. Agassiz


This trip was originally planned as a weekender, but ended up being just a day long, due to monsoon rains that hit the Uintas on Saturday evening shortly after we finished the hike. We started the hike at the Highline Trailhead, and followed the trail for about a mile. After the Wilderness boundary, we walked through the forest (crossing a lot of dead trees) to a small basin southwest of Agassiz, and then up the slope to the western ridge. From here, we climbed, mostly under the ridge, to the flat summit. This all took about 3 hours. We descended through the southern slope to a first saddle and then down west. First part was a simple hopping down the rock-covered slope, second half was a bit tricky descent via a narrow chute through a prominent cliff band. Then followed more forest walking and then ca. 2 miles back on the Highline Trail. The return took a bit longer due to the tricky descent, ca. 3.5 hrs.
Here is map (260 kB) of the whole hike.


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1. foto Walking through the dense forest.
2. foto View at Agassiz from the end of the forest.
3. foto View on the slope which we climbed up.
4. foto View down (towards Bald Mtn. and Reids Pk.) from the same spot.
5. foto View up the slope a bit closer.
6. foto View down from the same spot.
7. foto View down from about 1/2 of the climb to the ridge.
8. foto Partial panorama from where we reached the ridge.
9-10. foto foto Rob and Mari when we reached the ridge.
11. foto View up the last portion of the ridge before summit plateau.
12. foto View down (west) from the same spot.
13-14. foto foto Summit panorama, divided into two due to the flatness of the peak.
15. foto Sitting at the summit (Rob reading entertaining entries from the summit book).
16. foto Mari hopping down the southern slope.
17. foto View down (west) the slope we went down.
18. foto View down the crack in the cliff band that we used to get down (class 3).
19. foto View up from the same spot, start of the chute down.
20. foto View up from a spot where the chute exits the cliff band.
21-24. foto foto foto foto The rest of the team descends the chute.
25. foto View down the slope below the cliff band.
26. foto View up from the valley bottom onto the chute we went down (on the left in the picture).
27. foto View at Mt. Agassiz from one of the meadows we crossed on the way back.

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