Winter bike rides

The fact that there is snow on the ground does not mean that the bike should sit in the corner. I have put self-made fenders on my mountainbike and off we go. Here is a couple of possible rides near the SLC center.

Emigration Canyon

SLC biking classic. It's about 10 miles from the mouth of the canyon to the summit, a nice escape from the inversion yuck in the valley. An alternative way down from the summit (on the snow) goes in the gully directly west. However, it is recommended so the snow were packed, otherwise there is a high probability of locking front wheel and flying over the steering. Landing in the snow is soft, though.

East Canyon

Goes from Parleys Canyon north-east. The road there is closed for the winter and is a snowmobile realm. Their presence, however, has an advantage that they compact the snow, so it's nice to bike on it. It's about 8 miles from the gate to the East Pass, if this is not enough, one can start in SLC, go up Emigration Cyn. (10 miles) and then down to East Canyon and to the gate (another 2.5 miles).

Fotos and descriptions

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Here is Gary's impressions from the first attempt and from the second (the pictures are right in the document, so wait till the document loads).
foto foto Al and Gary at the start of the snow covered road.
foto foto First rest stop nearby Affleck Parku, where the road turns east.
foto foto Gary and Al in the second switchback.
foto Panorama towards south-west from the second switchback.
foto foto foto foto Pictures of the three of us in the pass.
foto foto Gary and Al go down from the top of the Emigration Canyon.

City Creek Canyon

Canyon north-east of the SLC center. There is about 4 mile long road towards the water treatment plant, that is plowed in the winter, then follows about another 1.5 mile of road till the hiking trailhead. This part is not plowed, so one must rely on an occasional snowcat or hiker to compact the snow.

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