Presidents Day weekend around Bryce

19.2. 2004 - 21.2. 2005

In mid February it was high time to get out of Salt Lake again, so, this time, we decided to coordinate with Mari and Paul and went to spend the weekend in the Bryce Canyon area. Initial plan to stay at Ruby's Inn failed since they did not seem to have any cheaper rooms, however, the only motel that stays open over the winter in nearby Tropic was almost empty, so, that's where we stayed.

On Friday evening we drove in. The weather forecast was not very encouraging but apart from heavy rains on I-15 things were smooth.

On Saturday it was quite foggy on the plateu so decided to ski into the National Park from the bottom on the Tropic Trail. There was enough snow to ski on but it was not too great since it was somewhat old, with some dusting on the top, but, the crust would break occasionally and make things difficult. Only later we realized we did not even get to the main amphitheater area, but, it was fun to explore the southern branch of it. Fotos and map are here.
Then we relaxed a bit and went to have a dinner in crowded Ruby's restaurant.

On Sunday, the fog lifted earlier which was good since we skied the groomed trails around Ruby's Inn. The day was great - partly cloudy and just warm enough for skiing, with about an inch dusting of new snow. Fotos and map are here.
Then we drove down and checked out the Kodachrome Basin SP right before the sunset. Fotos and map are here.

On Monday it started snowing quite early in the morning so we just did a short hike in Red Canyon and then drove down Hwy 89 back to Salt Lake. Fotos and map are here.

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