Crystal Structure Prediction (CSP) of Pharmaceutical Drugs

CSP is of importance in the development of new human drugs where the crystal structure plays a crucial role in drug formulation, stability and the patent process. A large number of drugs are lost in the pipeline due to the lack of appropriate formulation, and finding alternative formulation strategies is costly and inefficient. Therefore, in silico exploration of alternative formulation strategies by predicting crystal structures a priori can revolutionize drug formulation and improve drug pipeline yields considerably. Our MGAC approach has demonstrated that its search capabilities using genetic algorithms are second to none; consistently MGAC finds the correct structure when an accurate representation of the potential energy surface is provided. Our current focus is in using first principles methods (DFT-D) to improve the accuracy of MGAC. In this context we work in developing better algorithms, exploring new hardware devices, like GPUs and accelerators, and large scale computing infrastructures like the Open Science Grid. Our ultimate goal is using MGAC in practical applications for improving the design of co-crystals of pharmaceutical interest.



Exemplar Publications

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