Protein Structure Prediction to Understand Pathogenicity

Understanding and predicting the change of protein structure and function upon mutation and its relationship to human health is a critical element to translate the genomic revolution into actionable interventions. As an example, missense mutations that cause protein misfolding and/or changes in physicochemical properties of protein involved in metabolic pathways, e.g. tumor suppression, cell cycle checkpoints, and DNA repair, are a well-known cause of oncogenesis. However, since the effects of mutations on structural properties of proteins are multifactorial, predictions concerning these effects (i.e. pathogenic/not pathogenic) are not straightforward. Moreover, there is very limited experimental structural data for proteins in general and much less for the mutated species. Because the protein structure determination gap does not show any signs of amelioration, using computational methods to study this problem appears worthwhile exploring. This approach is also strongly supported by recent advances in computational resources and methods to predict 3D protein structures.




Exemplar Publications

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