I'm from Spanish Fork, Utah and recently finished a Ph.D. in atmospheric science at the University of Utah. My advisor was Dr. John Horel. I joined the Mountain Meteorology Research Group and MesoWest team in November 2012.

I was awarded a National Academies Research Associateship and began working at the Naval Research Laboratory Marine Meteorology Division in Fall 2019.



Speaking, writing, teaching, public outreach, documentation, Atlassian Confluence, GitHub, Bitbucket, StackOverflow, Slack, type 80+ words per minute


Started a Python User Group for our department and taught the Environmental Programming course. Skilled in Python 2.7 and Python 3, numpy, matplotlib, Pandas, xarray, cartopy, Basemap, scipy, datetime, multiprocessing, cylc, Dask, metpy, pyproj, pygrib, Jupyter Lab, Anaconda, conda, publication-quality figures. View code on GitHub.


High Performance Computing, High Throughput Computing, modules, shell scripting, cron, cylc, PBS, slurm, git, Docker

Big Data

Data management, data stewardship, data retrieval/acquisition, data analysis, NetCDF, HDF5, GRIB2, HTCondor, Open Science Grid, S3, Globus, Amazon Web Services, rclone, numerical weather models, HRRR, weather satellites, GOES16, MODIS

Numerical Weather Prediction

Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model. Basic WRF Tutorial certificate, initialize WRF with HRRR boundary conditions, lake breeze, tracers, land surface modifications, UofU WRF User Group

Coupled Ocean/Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System (COAMPS) model. Observation impact experiments. Model Evaluation Tools. Data assimilation.

Environmental Instrumentation

Campbell Scientific, Davis Instruments, air quality, field work, data collection

Web Development and Design

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, Python CGI, Font Awesome, Photoshop, Illustrator


Windows, Office 365, VSCode, Teams

Current Research

I developed the HRRR model archive hosted at the University of Utah by the MesoWest group. The archive is used by over 500 known users. At least eight published papers (not my own) reference the dataset. The archive is stored on a cloud-based, object-storage system and is the largest publicly-available HRRR archive.

My Ph.D. research investigated the predictability of convective outflow by the HRRR model—a project funded through the Joint Fire Science Program. I used data from the GOES-East Geostationary Lightning Mapper to evaluate the ability of the HRRR model to correctly forecast the location of thunderstorms and found that the HRRR does not provide high precision forecasts of the location of storms useful for Incident Meteorologists assigned to provide weather support at wildfires. Instead, it is recommended that Incident Meteorologists use the HRRR forecasts to gauge the potential for thunderstorms in the vicinity of the area of interest.

For other research related to air quality, I initialized WRF simulations with the HRRR model and modified surface parameters to improve model performance.

You will find more details on my research by exploring the pages on this website and several Jupyter Notebooks on Github.

Career Goals

I believe weather data can be used for many applications, and I hope to serve people in various fields with improved numerical weather prediction. I am especially interested in 0-3 day forecasts. My dream of numerical weather models is to one day have a continuously updating weather prediction system.

While there seems to be deficiencies in the United States' current numerical weather prediction capabilities, I want to be a part of the solution by using new and forthcoming technology effectively and efficiently.

I hope to become more involved in big data storage and analytics, community numerical weather prediction model development especially rapid refresh forecast system with FV3, and using new observational products for model initial conditions (like GOES-R series).

I am a problem solving leader, eager to learn and develop new skills. I have a teamwork mentality and want to contribute to the community. Education is important to me, and I am interested in gaining teaching experience.

Python Projects on GitHub


Curriculum Vitae

Favorite text editor: Visual Studio Code

Personal Weather Station: UKBKB (a.k.a. EW2355)

Highest Bowling Score: 228

Favorite comic: Peanuts