Spring Break in Arizona and New Mexico

I took this trip during the spring break of 1996. It was organized by the SIUC Recreational Center. There was about 15 people present, we had a van and a U-Haul trailer behind and drove all the way there and back.

Trip plan (Overall map):
Drive from Carbondale to Phoenix, Az. (30 hrs.) - Three days of hiking in Gila Wilderness Area, about one hour drive east of Phoenix - Grand Canyon (it was snowing here, so we were there only one night) - Sedona, Az. (Red Rock State Park) - Tuscon, Az. - White Sands Natl. Mon., N.M. (sandy desert between Las Cruces a Alamogordo - drive back to Carbondale

foto Miner's Needle, the prettiest mountain in Gila Wilderness Area
foto Me on the Miner's Needle
foto Me and one of the largest cacti in Gila Wilderness
foto Still life with a stone and a cactus, a little below the Miner's Needle top
foto Grand Canyon under snow
foto Our campsite in the White Sands, drying all the stuff after Grand Canyon
foto Footsteps in the sand
foto Sunset over the White Sands

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