Martin's trips

In the trips from Utah, I have a full story. In the older and longer trips, I have just the pictures and small description. Descriptions from 2003 on contain GPS generated track map and fotos.
I prefer webpages that are simple and informative, without excessive baggage, and I am trying to do my pages accordingly. If you don't like that, tough luck.

The trips below are sorted according to the place. Here are the trips sorted by an activity.

Chronological trips/outings by year and season

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Clickable map of Utah (150 kB) quite outdated

Salt Lake City and closest surroundings

8/6/00Hiking around SLC or Clickable map (200 kB)
8/6/00Biking arond SLC or Clickable map (200 kB)
1/25/00Cross-country skiing around SLC
1/30/00Snowshoeing around SLC
2/7/01Cross-country skiing in the East Pass
2/7/01Mill D North Fork - Big Cottonwood Canyon
2/7/01Winter bike rides
6/26/01 Six Wasatch Resorts Mountain Bike Ride
5/31/03 Epic ride from SLC to Big Mtn. Pass, Parley's and back
5/24/03 A ride in Deer Valley
5/21/03 A ride to Millcreek Cyn
6/7/03 A hike up Grandeur Peak in Millcreek Cyn
5/2x/03 A hike up Mt. Olympus
6/1/03 A hike up Mt. Timpanogos

6/29/03 Hike to Deseret Peak in Stansbury Mtns.
7/6/03 Hike to Mt. Superior, watching mountain goats
7/24/03 Ride up White Pine Canyon
7/27/03 Hike to Pfeifferhorn
8/17/03 Ride on Rail Trail from Park City to Echo and back
8/23/03 Epic ride from the Avenues to Big Cottonwood and back
8/24/03 Hike to Mt. Nebo
9/14/03 Ride with my parents on the Antelope Island
10/18/03 Ride around Cedar Mountains in the West Desert
10/19/03 Ride on the Skyline trail east of Ogden
10/22/03 Last fall ride in Park City
1/18/04 Backcountry ski day in Mill D fork, Big Cottonwood Canyon
1/8/04 Cross country ski on Black Mountain trail above SLC Avenues
2/10/04 Cross-country ski at Farmington Bay bird refuge
3/22/04 Lake Mountains (west of Provo).
5/10/04 Grassy Mountains (east of Salt Flats north of I-80).
4/24/04 Lakeside Mountains (west of GSL north of I-80).
6/12/04 Stansbury Island (western part of GSL).
6/8/04 Epic ride from SLC to Big Mtn. Pass, Parley's and back
6/14/04 Take two on Mormon and GW trails
6/20/04 Sessions Mountains loop
7/3/04 Six Wasatch resorts ride
7/10/04 Wahsatch Steeplechase ride
7/24/04 Ridge Trail 157 from Alta to Timp Divide and back
7/31/04 Park City's Mid Mountain trail
8/1/04 Big Cottonwood climb with Gary
8/21/04 RAT - Ride around Timpanogos
8/30/04 Park City's Mid Mountain trail to Wasatch Crest from the Avenues
10/2/04 Loop around Mountain Dell Canyon
10/3/04 With Gary around Park City in the fall
1/25/05Hike on ridge north of Parleys Summit (25.1.)
2/19/05Hike on Mt. VanCott east of the University (19.10.)
5/15/05 Loop around Cedar Mountains
5/21/05 Salt Lake Century 100 miles on road around SLC
5/29/05 Cherry Canyon and surroundings loops through hills above location of Czecho-Slovak potluck.
6/6/05 On bike to East Canyon and back First spring epic.
6/20/05 SLC - Mormon Trail - GWT - East Canyon - Little Emigration Canyon and back.
5/14/05 Mt. Olympus first spring snow hike
5/22/05 Mt. Aire
6/4/05 Grandeur Peak from the west
6/20/05 Sunset Peak from Brighton
7/6/05 Mormon Trail - GWT - Little Emigration - Big Mountain
7/9/05 Big Cottonwood - Emigration Cyn epic
7/31/05 Alexander Basin Trail to Gobblers Knob
8/14/05 Pfeifferhorn hike
8/15/05 Wasatch Crest and Midmountain in reverse from town
8/22/05 EMW100 - From the Valley to Weber Canyon, Morgan and East Canyon
9/11/05 Midmountain and Wasatch Crest from Pinebrook
9/3/05 Mt. Timpanogos from Timpanooke trailhead
7/6/05 Wasatch Crest from the Canyons
10/12/05 Millcreek to the Crest and back in the 12/6/06 Bike ride Little Mtn. - Mormon - GWT and back
18/6/06 Bike ride Big Cottonwood - Park City - Jeremy Ranch - Parley's Summit - Emigration Cyn.
18/6/06 Hike Flagstaff Mountain via Cardiff Pass from Alta
17/9/06 Hike from Shoreline to Black Mountain ridge.
25/6/06 Ride from Emigration Canyon to Canyons and Millcreek
10/9/06 Steep hike to Kessler Peak
9/9/06 Late summer ride in Park City
10/6/06 Salt Lake to Mueller Park the high way
21/3/07 On tandem in Emigration Canyon
28/5/07 Hike to Mt. Wire
29/5/07 Bike ride from SLC to Kamas
2/6/07 SLC - Parley's pass - Big Mountain Pass - SLC loop
9/6/07 Another Emigration tandem ride
9/6/07 Tandem ride to Millcreek
25/6/07 Hike from Alta to Mt. Baldy
12/7/07 Emigration - Big Mountain Pass - GWT - Parley's Pass
14/7/07 Big Cottonwood - Crest - Pinebrook - Alexander Hollow - Emigration
25/6/07 From SLC to Park City and back
20/7/07 On the bike through six Wasatch ski resorts
28/7/07 Wildflowers in Alta and then onto Wasatch Crest
26/8/07 E100/4
13/9/07 Kamas - tandem loop via Browns Canyon
14/9/07 Loop hike in Butler Fork

Uinta Mountains and north-eastern Utah

Hike to the Kings Peak (August 1999)
7/9/00East Fork Black Fork, Uinta Mtns. (July 2000)
7/24/00Hiking in the Uinta Mountains
2/26/01Cross country skiing in the Beaver Creek area in the western Uinta mountains
7/16/01 Climbing Mt. Agassiz 12/8/03 Dinotrax mountain bike festival at Flaming Gorge
8/8/04 Dinotrax 2004 mountain bike festival
8/9/05 Dinotrax 2005, Dowd Mountain - Hideout Canyon with Red Canyon Rim
8/9/05 Dinotrax 2005, Elk Park loop from Red Canyon Lodge
10/1/05 McCoy Flat riding near Vernal
10/1/05 Red Fleet SP riding near Vernal
4/12/05 Beaver Creek cross country skiing
16/1/06 Second trip to Beaver Creek and our engagement
22/1/06 Park City's Rail Trail on skil
8/5/06 Hike in the hills east of Kamas
3/7/06 Road ride on Mirror Lake Highway
7/1/07 Beaver Creek cross country skiing

Central Utah, San Rafael Swell, Lake Powell, Escalante

Desolation and Gray Canyon Rafting (May 1999)
8/25/99 Paddling in the Labyrinth Canyon (July 1999)
3/23/00Exploring the San Rafael Swell (March 2000)
6/3/00Robbers Roost Canyon (May 2000)
10/20/00Weekend in the Escalante area
3/25/01 The Gulch - Little Death Hollow backpack
4/3/01 Sea Kayaking at Lake Powell
5/31/01 Memorial Day Weekend in San Rafael Swell
28/9/03 Trip through southwestern US with my parents (Natural Bridges NM)
5/17/04 Riding in the Swell, part 1.
6/1/04 Riding in the Swell, part 2.
7/22/03 Riding around Fish Lake
11/17/05 Lower Muley Twist Canyon loop in Capitol Reef NP
11/17/05 Headquarters Canyon in Capitol Reef NP
11/17/05 Surprise Canyon in Capitol Reef NP
30/7/06 Brian Head 100 bike race
23/9/06 Navajo Lake loop trail
23/9/06 Virgin Rim trail - east part
23/9/06 Thunder Mountain trail loop
23/9/06 Cassidy/Rich trail to Casto Canyon

Southeastern Utah

Moab and surroundings (Spring 1999)
9/30/00Weekend in La Sal Mountains and Moab
5/16/01 Backpacking in Dark Canyon
10/12/01 Rafting in the Cataract Canyon
7/11/01 Three days mountainbiking in Moab 28/9/03 Trip through southwestern US with my parents (Escalante canyons)
8/10/03 Trip to Moab
9/5/04 Canyonlands' White Rim ride
9/26/04 Three days around Moab
4/19/05 Spring 2005 trip to Moab
10/4/06 Exploring Robbers Roost Flats
10/4/06 Hike in the Horseshoe Canyon

Southwestern Utah

First weekend in Zion and Bryce Canyon NP (Fall 1998)
Cedar Breaks NM, Zion and Bryce Canyon NP (Spring 1999)
Other side of Zion NP (Spring 1999)
2/21/00President's Day weekend around Cedar City (February 2000)
4/24/00Hiking around Page, Az. (April 2000)
12/22/00Weekend around Brian Head
2/10/00Weekend of skiing in Bryce Canyon NP
3/13/01 Mountainbiking weekend in southwestern Utah
4/18/01 Mountainbiking Easter in the Utah's Dixie
22/10/02 Mountain biking in southwestern Utah - Part 1.
4/11/02 Mountain biking in southwestern Utah - Part 2.
1/9/03 Weekend in Zion NP - Subway and the Narrows
3/19/04 Greeting the Spring around St. George
20/2/05 Weekend around Bryce Canyon
3/14/05 Welcoming spring around St. George
3/29/05 Another trip to St. George
11/4/05 Hurricane Rim - Jem - Goulds loop counter-clockwise
11/4/05 Gooseberry Mesa in and out
11/25/05 Green Valley, Stucki Spring and beyond again
11/25/05 Hurricane Rim - Jem - Goulds loop clockwise
11/25/05 Hurricane Rim - Canal trail
23/9/06 Broken Mesa trail near St. George
10/3/06 Loop around Mokaac and Wolf Hole Mountains in the Arizona Strip
10/3/06 Loop around Big Valley south of St. George
10/5/06 Riding in the Three Peaks area west of Cedar City
10/5/06 Riding the Red Mountain trail in Cedar City, and around the town
12/5/06 C trail loop east of Cedar City

Rocky Mountains (Co, Wy, Id, NM, Mt)

Taos and Santa Fe (Summer 1999)
Boulder and Rocky Mountains (Summer 1999)
9/6/00Hiking the highest peaks in Colorado
5/1/01 Fruita Fat Tire Festival
7/11/01 Backpacking in northern Wind River Mountains 22/7/03 Weekend in central Idaho
28/9/03 Trip through southwestern US with my parents (Mesa Verde)
5/4/04 Fruita Fat Tire Festival
6/28/03 Trip to Sun Valley, Id.
1/10/05Elkhorn loop in mountains NE of Boise, Id. (10.1.)
9/25/05 Early fall trip to the Northwest
12/23/05 Mountain biking White Ranch County Park from Arvada
12/25/05 Mountain biking Matthews-Winters park and Green Mountain south of Golden
12/26/05 Mountain biking South Boulder Cr. and Boulder Cr. paths and Betasso Preserve
1/5/06 Kokopeli trails near Fruita
1/5/06 Ride in the Bookcliffs area
1/5/06 Eagle's Wing trail off Kevin's house in Grand Junction
1/5/06 Stagecoach trail near Pallisade
27/4/07 Riding singletrack in South Canyons area of Pueblo Reservoir
28/4/07 Riding the tandem through Colorado Springs trails
29/4/07 Riding the tandem on Monument Trail
30/4/07 Exploring southwest foothills of Colorado Springs
30/4/07 Evening hike in Garden of Gods park
13/6/07 Quick afternoon ride on east side of Boise Ridge trails
14/6/07 Riding the Boise Greenbelt on the tandem
15/6/07 Boise Ridge from the 8th street road
16/6/07 Tandem loop up Rocky Canyon and towards Lucky Peak Res.
17/6/07 A quick sunday ride to Table Rock
7/8/07 On the tandem from Durango towards Silverton
7/8/07 Durango - La Plata Canyon to Kennebec Pass and to Colorado Trail
7/8/07 Hike towards Mt. Sneffels
7/8/07 Durango and Orvis Hot Springs
7/8/07 Walk in Ouray
7/8/07 Hike east of Ouray
22/8/07 Boise Ridge - east
1/9/07 Tandeming on the Continental Divide
3/9/07 Loop around Cliff Lake
4/9/07 Exploring Island Park Caldera

Pacific coast (Wa, Or, Ca, Nv, Az)

Thanksgiving in Las Vegas and Death Valley (Fall 1998)
Nevada, California and Arizona in a week (Summer 1998)
8/1/00Three days in Southern Californa (Joshua Tree NP and Orange County) (May 2000)
8/30/00A road trip to the Northwestern US
6/11/01 Climbing Mt. Shasta
4/12/02 Mountain bike ride near Las Vegas
1/3/03 Mountain biking in Southern California
19/4/03 Mountain biking in northern California
28/9/03 Trip through southwestern US with my parents (Canyon de Chelly, Grand Canyon)
1/12/03 Fall in Arizona (Sedona, Phoenix, Tucson, Grand Canyon, Page)
6/1/04 New Year break in Southern California 4/13/04 Trip to northern California
11/8/04 Trip to Southern California
9/25/05 Early fall trip to the Northwest
12/2/07 Exploring Mormon Mesa in Southern Nevada
12/2/07 Road ride from Overton to Lake Mead

Eastern US (from Rocky Mountains to the east)

On bike to Cape Girardeau and Cairo (Summer 1995)
With Amtrak in the Eastern US (Fall 1995)
Weekend in Georgia (Spring 1996)
Thanksgiving in Florida (Fall 1996)
A trip to the Niagara (Fall 1997)
Biking on the North Carolina seashore and in Virginia mountains (Summer 1998)
1/10/01Cross country skiing in southeastern Michigan
11/25/06 From Tampa to St. Petersburgh and back
11/25/06 Southern Tampa ride
11/25/06 Ride in north and east Tampa
9/23/07 SEG 07 Sunday - finding a bike shop in San Antonio
9/24/07 SEG 07 Monday - exploring San Antonio's missions and western side
9/25/07 SEG 07 Tuesday - Mission trail and southwestern side
9/26/07 SEG 07 Wednesday - southeast and Mission trail

Older trips to the Western US (from Chicago to the Pacific)

Spring Break in Arizona and New Mexico (Spring 1996)
By car to the west (Summer 1996)
With Amtrak to the Northwest (Spring 1997)
In the footprints of Mormons (Summer 1998)

Other places (Mexico, Hawaii, Europe)

A trip to Mexico (Winter 1997)
Two weeks in Hawaii(Winter 1998-99)
1/25/00Winter in the Czech Rep. (January 2000)
8/29/01 Summer trip to the Czech Republic and Austria
16/8/06 A week in Croatia
\5/8/06 Wedding in Czech Republic
17/8/06 Ride from Brtov to castle Pernstejn and back
19/8/06 Zernovsky Mazec mountain bike race
20/8/06 Loop from Brtov to Kozarov and back