Biking on the North Carolina seashore and in Virginia mountains

This was a 6 days long trip which I took with three other friends in the second half of June 1998. Three of us biked and one drove, which gave us the advantage to bike light and straight. In order to save time, we drove overnight from Carbondale, Il. to the NC seashore, biked two days on the Cape Hatteras Nat. Seashore, then drove thru Norfolk, Va. and Richmond, Va. to the Shenandoah National Park, where we biked the entire Skyline drive in another two days, and then again overnight drove back. Here is map of the entire trip, and here are detailed maps of our day trips, Cape Hatteras Day 1, Cape Hatteras Day 2, Shenandoah Day 1 and Shenandoah Day 2.


foto Leaving Carbondale.
foto Sunset over Nashville, Tn.
foto On the beach outside Morehead City, NC.
Fort Macon, on the island outside Morehead City, old Civil War fortress. foto Entrance, foto view towards the sea and foto inside the fort.
foto Ferry to the Ocracoke Island.
foto Ocracoke Lighthouse, unfortunately not open to the public.
Famous foto Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.
foto Me in front of the lighthouse, just applying another layer of suntan lotion.
foto Surfboard test, on the beach of the Frisco NPS Campground.
foto Racoon on the tree above our tents in the same camp.
foto Breakfast the next day.
foto Typical island house, this one in Avon, NC.
foto Bridge over the Oregon Inlet, from Hatteras Island to Bodie Island, the longest on the trip.
foto On the top of the bridge.
foto Tunnel-bridge in Norfolk, Va.
foto Courthouse and foto industrial zone in Williamsburg, Va., old restored town - tourist attraction (=trap). But still, there is a lot of things to see even for free and is worth visiting.
foto Start of the biking in Shenandoah, mile 95.
foto Typical countryside on the Skyline Drive.
foto Another breakfast, now in the Big Meadows capmground in Shenandoah NP.
foto Deer on the side of the road.
The only foto tunnel on the drive.

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