Two weeks in Hawaii

This was supposed to be a Christmas Break trip, but since the air ticket prices were horrendous, we took off later, on Dec 28th, and came back on Jan 12th 1999. We flew to Honolulu and stayed there in a hostel for the first 5 days. During that time, we explored the island of Oahu and bought air tickets to another two islands, Hawaii (Big Island) and Maui. On Jan 2nd we flew to Hilo in the Big Island, rented a car there and made a circle around the Big Island, visiting Hawaii Volcanoes Natl. Park, several beaches and making a 2 days hike into the uninhabited Waimanu valley on the northeast side of the island. On Jan 8th we flew to Kahului on Maui. We again rented a car and stayed first 3 nights at a campsite on a northwestern side of the island. From here we went whalewatching, made a circle around the western part of the island and went to se sunrise at the top of Haleakala volcano. Then we took pictoresque Hana Highway to the southern coast and stayed for 2 nights in the coastal part of the Haleakala Natl. Park. Here we hiked in the rainforest and stayed on the beach. After that, it was time to go home.

As usual, only pictures follow, main and time consuming story is in Czech. If you are interested to find out more, e-mail me. If I get enough responses, I might translate it into English.



foto Bus stop at the Honolulu Intl. Airport right after our arrival.
foto Waikiki Beach by some hotel.
foto Waikiki Beach from the falling-apart War Memorial swimming pool.
foto Battleship Arizona Monument in Pearl Harbor.
foto Overall view at the Pearl Harbor.
foto Battleship Missourri, new addition to the Pearl Harbor attractions.
foto Makapuu Beach Park on the southwestern coast of Oahu.
foto Hanauma Bay Beach Park, western side.
foto Hanauma Bay Beach Park, eastern side, with the visible coral reef (dark).
Toilet bowl, a hole in the lava on the rocky side shore of Hanauma Bay foto during and foto after flush.
foto Mormon Temple on Oahu.
foto Huge wave on the north Oahu shore.
foto Small pineaple at the Dole Plantation Visitor's Center.

Big Island

foto Sulfur vents at the Kilauea caldera.
foto Halem'uma'u Crater in the western part of Kilauea caldera.
foto On the bottom of Kilaeua Iki Crater.
foto Kilaeua Iki Crater from the rim.
foto Petroglyphs in the lava.
foto Lava flow into the ocean from the distance.
foto Part of the road not covered by lava.
foto Lava flow into the ocean, at night.
foto Black sand at the Punaluu Beach Park.
foto Waipio Valley from the top lookout, to the north.
foto Waipio Valley from the bottom, towards the south.
foto North side of the Waimanu Valley from the bottom.
foto Climbing up the Waimanu trail.
foto Waimanu Valley from the top, view to the north.
foto Kaplopa State Park Campground, one of the best equipped camps I've been to.
foto Akaka Falls on the eastern side of the Big Island.


foto Pictures from the whalewatching, foto tail, foto spine and foto fin.
foto Iao Needle in the Iao valley on the western Maui (also called Maui Yosemite).
foto Cool mountain on the western Maui coast.
foto Blowhole on the western Maui coast.
foto Sunrise on the top of Haleakala volcano.
foto Part of the Haleakala Crater.
foto Western Maui from Haleakala.
foto Coastline at the Kipahulu (coastal) part of the Haleakala Natl. Park.
foto Small falls before Waimoku Falls in the Kipahulu.
foto Waimoku Falls itself.
foto Baldwin Beach Park, our last beach on Maui.

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