Cross-country skiing in the East Pass

East Pass is about 20 miles east of the SLC center. It is easily accessible via Emigration Canyon and then up East Canyonem. In the winter, the East Canyon road is closed about 8 miles below the pass and is a domain of snowmobiles. However, I found out that their user seldom come there before noon, so if one gets up early he can ski all the way to the pass relatively undisturbed. On the top of that, only about first mile of the climb has to be done on the road, then one can get on the Mormon Pioneer Trail, which parallels the highway closer to the creek. In the middle of January I went up all the way right after about a foot of snow fell in the pass (about half of that at the bottom gate). Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home. The weather was bad so they would not be too great anyway. Here is a report from our bike ride there with pictures.

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