Trips in the summer 2006

Pages with detailed description

16/8/06 A week in Croatia

Other stuff out of town

30/7/06 Brian Head 100 bike race
5/8/06 Wedding in Czech Republic
17/8/06 Ride from Brtov to castle Pernstejn and back
19/8/06 Zernovsky Mazec mountain bike race
20/8/06 Loop from Brtov to Kozarov and back

Local stuff

Below are links to pages and photos from some hikes, rides, etc. that happened in the Summer of 2003.

17/9/06 Hike from Shoreline to Black Mountain ridge.
25/6/06 Ride from Emigration Canyon to Canyons and Millcreek
10/9/06 Steep hike to Kessler Peak
3/7/06 Road ride on Mirror Lake Highway
9/9/06 Late summer ride in Park City
5/9/06 Wedding reception in Kamas

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