In the footprints of Mormons

I took this trip in the mid august 1998, while moving from Carbondale to Salt Lake City. I more-less copied the way of the Mormon exodus in the middle of the last century, thus the name.

The trip looked like this (map):
Sat.: on I64 to St. Louis, then on I70 to Kansas City, from here on I29 and Nebraska 2 to Lincoln, Ne. and then on I80 to Oglalla, Ne.
Sun.: on US 26 towards Chimney Rock and Scotts Bluff, then on Ne 71 to Kimball, Ne. and to I80 and thru Cheyenne, Wy. to Rock Springs, Wy, and a campsite by the Flaming Gorge NRA.
Mon.: on US 191 beside Flaming Gorge and thru Uinta Mountains to Vernal, Ut. and Dinosaur National Monument
Tue.: from Dinosaur NM on US 40 to Jordanelle SP
Wed.: from Jordanelle SP on US40 and I80 to Salt Lake City

fotoMy packed car right before departure from Carbondale.
fotoChimney Rock in western Nebraska, sign that the plains are getting over.
fotoWagons beside the Scotts Bluff NM visitor's center.
fotoView from Scotts Bluff towards the North Platte River.
fotoNorthern part of the bluff with the hiking trail up.
fotoState Capitol in Cheyenne, Wy., the smallest I have seen so far.
Surroundings of the fotoFlaming Gorge from the lake (up to my knees).
fotoCampsite in the Flaming Gorge, luxurious and cheap.
fotoView to the Flaming Gorge from the road on the rim.
fotoFlaming Gorge dam.
fotoDinosaur bones at the Quarry Visitor's Center in Dinosaur NM.
fotoHarpers Corner lookout in the canyons part of Dinosaur NM.
fotoAnother viewpoint, after 4 mile hike in the desert.
fotoPetroglyphs at the Jones Creek Trail in the northern part of Dinosaur NM.
fotoView to the Jones Creek Canyon - a nice half day hike to the bottom of the Green River canyon.
fotoConfluence of Jones Creek and Green River.

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