Three days in Southern California

In the mid May 2000 me and friend Dina flew to Orange County to visit another friend, Šárka. We flew in on Fri. night and immediately drove to Joshua Tree NP, about 3 hours drive east. We found a nice site at the Belle Campground and stayed there for two nights. On Sat. we hiked around the campground in the morning, then hiked the Ryan Mountain and piece of Boy Scout Trail in the afternoon. On Sun we drove south to the Cottonwood Spring and from there hiked 4 miles to the Lost Palms Oasis. This was probably the highlight of the weekend.Here is a map with the areas where we were.
From Joshua Tree we came back to the Orange County on Sun evening and spent a night at the Doheny State Beach, a typical californian beach camp, which was pretty crowded. In the morning, we went for a hike in the nearby Crystal Cove State Park and the afternoon was devoted to a beach on the other side of the highway. Then it was time to drive back to the airport.
fotoMy new tent on the Joshua Tree campsite.
fotoView from the rock above the campsite south.
fotoView from a hill above White Tank north towards the camp we stayed (180 kB).
foto360 deg. view from the rock above the campground (370 kB).
foto360 deg. view from the Ryan Mountain (370 kB).
fotoView from the Boy Scout Trailhead north.
fotoMe next to a large Joshua Tree near the Boy Scout Trail.
fotoOasis Cottonwood Spring with fan palms.
fotoView south from the trail to the Lost Palms Oasis (230 kB).
fotoLost Palms Oasis from a hill on the other side.
fotoTadpoles in a pool in the Lost Palms Oasis.
fotoOne palm group in the Lost Palms Oasis.
fotoView on the upper part of the Lost Palms Oasis.
fotoCombined photo covering most of the Lost Palms Oasis (220 kB).
fotoView from the east towards Cottonwood Spring.

fotoBeach at the Doheny Beach SB.
fotoAnd the camp nearby where we stayed.

fotoView towards the ocean (west) from the Crystal Cove SP hills (160 kB).
fotoParking lot above the Crystal Cove SP beach.
fotoSteps down to the beach.
fotoMe on the beach with a seaweed tail.
fotoThe last dip before the departure.
fotofotoTwo views at the Newport Beach from the plane.
fotoView from the plane towards Crystal Cove area, Laguna Beach on the very right.

Several cacti:
fotoBarrel cactus from the first Sat. hike.
fotoBlossoming cactus on the Ryan Mtn.
fotoBlossoming chola cactus near the Boy Scout Trail.

Some lizards
fotoLizard on the Boy Scout Trail.
fotoThe same lizard in different view.
fotoFast lizard near the Cottonwood Spring.
fotoLazy lizard near the Lost Palms Oasis.
fotoThe same in different position.
fotoAttacking lizard on the way back form the Lost Palms Oasis.
fotoThe same in different position.
fotoSnake across the trail in the Crystal Cove SP.
fotoDead lizard a bit further up the trail.

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