Trips in the spring 2006

Weekend trips

1/5/06 Kokopeli trails near Fruita
1/5/06 Ride in the Bookcliffs area
1/5/06 Eagle's Wing trail off Kevin's house in Grand Junction
1/5/06 Stagecoach trail near Pallisade

Local stuff

Below are links to pages and photos from some hikes, rides, etc. that happened in the Spring of 2006.

8/5/06 Hike in the hills east of Kamas
12/6/06 Bike ride Little Mtn. - Mormon - GWT and back
18/6/06 Bike ride Big Cottonwood - Park City - Jeremy Ranch - Parley's Summit - Emigration Cyn.
18/6/06 Hike Flagstaff Mountain via Cardiff Pass from Alta

Other fotos:

First set of fotos of the house yard
Second set of fotos of the yard.

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