Paddling in the Labyrinth Canyon

This river trip was also organized by University of Utah Outdoor Recreation Program (ORP) in the mid July 1999 and took four days. On Thursday morning we left Salt Lake and started floating in the town of Green River. We managed to do about 7 miles the first day and found a relatively mosquito-free campsite. As the canyon walls grew taller, the tamarisk bushes on the side grew thicker and mosquitos more vicious. On Friday, we paddled good 25 miles and found a campsite that was maybe the least infested in the canyon, but still pretty bad (well, the surroundings were beautiful but hard to enjoy). Therefore we paddled whole day on Saturday, did about 30 miles, took out at the Mineral Bottom in the early evening and camped on the rim above the river. On Sunday, we visited the Dead Horse State Park, had lunch in Green River and drove back.


Click on the foto camera image to view the picture. About 8 more pictures are still in the camera, I expect them to be up sometime mid August.

Day 1
foto Getting ready to float.
foto Checking out the Crystal Geyser.
foto Deposits from the Crystal Geyser.
Day 2
foto Sign on the side of the river.
foto Lounging in the morning, canyon surroundings are still pretty flat.
foto Blue heron during a takeoff. Unfortunately, he flew off before we got close enough to him.
foto First signs of the slickrock on the riverside.
foto Flatland above the canyon we camped second night, this view is toward southeast.
Day 3
foto Interesting side canyon.
foto Getting ready to eat breakfast on the river, mosquito emergency is off.
foto Canyon walls are getting higher.
foto Another view on the canyon cliffs, notice green bushes on the right, tamarisks, mosquitos haven.
foto Paddling in the shade to avoid hot sun rays.
foto Grove nearby the north side of Bowknot Bend.
foto Lowest cliffs on the narrow side of the Bowknot Bend.
foto Dinner high above the canyon, almost mosquito free.
foto Sunset over the campsite.
Day 4
foto View at the Gooseneck bend of Colorado from Dead Horse Point.
foto Canyonlands from the Dead Horse Point.
foto A side canyon near the Dead Horse Point.
foto Mule deer I have seen during the hike from Dead Horse Point to the visitor's center.

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