Backpacking in northern Wind River Mountains

Backpacking in northern Wind River Mountains

7/3 - 7/8 2001

Here is the topo map of the whole backpack (300 kB).

Trip plan

Tue. 7/3 - Drove out of SLC at 3.30pm, arrived to Pinedale, Wy. at about 7.30pm, had a burger at a local burger stand, and drove to Elkhardt Park trailhead, where we stayed overnight at a campground at the road end.
Wed. 7/4 - Hiked to Island Lake. Set out at 8.30am, got to Photographer's Point by 10.30am, rested a bit, hiked to Seneca Lake, had lunch before the lake at crossing of the creek coming out of the lake to ca. 1pm, then up to Island Lake pass and down to the lake by ca. 4pm. Mosquitoes at the lake were pretty bad, so we hiked up east ca. 100 m. vertical above the lake to set up a camp.
Here is the photo tour of Day 1
Thu. 7/5 - Climbed Mt. Lester. First to a low ridge west of the mountain, and then on the NW ridge to the summit. First part of this ridge was a bit harder, probably class 3-4. Stayed at the summit for a while, away from mosquitoes, left at ca. 2pm, continuing on the ridge east. Got to the saddle between western and middle summit when it got stormy, so we opted for quick descent via scree-filled gully. After short period of rain, and some rest high above the mosquitoes, returned back to the camp.
Here is the photo tour of Day 2
Fri. 7/6 - Climbed Fremont Peak. Cross-country walked to Indian Basin, then up to saddle SW of the mountain and up SW slope to the summit. Got there after walking rather slow in 4.5 hrs., right when a storm came. Survived storm in a rock shelter ca. 100 m. under the summit, run down the mountain, and walk to Indian Basin, Island Lake and back to the camp.
Here is the photo tour of Day 3
Sat. 7/7 - Climbed Elingwood Peak. Left camp early, at 7.15am and walked east from camp, and then north to a saddle east of the summit and then on the southern slope up to the main ridge, and from here ca. 200 m. to the summit. The last ca. 30 m. were too exposed, so I turned around. The slope was easy class 3, the ridge would be class 4, or even 5 at the summit section. I got to the summit at 9am. Then walked back down to the pass, slid down north on a snow field and down a rocky moraine to the upper Pole Creek basin, then walked the basin towards pass east of our camp and back to the camp, where I got at ca. 2pm. As we were tired of the mosquitoes, we opted for hiking out the same day, getting back to Elkhardt Park before sunset, and camping in the woods above Pinedale, relatively mosquito-free.
Here is the photo tour of Day 4
Sun. 5/13 - Drove to Kemmerer, and visited Fossil Butte NM. Then drove home.


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