Trips in the fall 1998

Weekend in Zion and Bryce Canyon NP

This was a two days weekend trip which I made with my brother and his girlfriend in the mid September. One day in Zion N.P. and one day in Bryce Canyon N.P..

fotoHidden Canyon, one of the side canyons in Zion.
fotoViev from the Observation Point on the east side of the Zion Canyon to the south.
fotoPicture of us (my brother, his girlfriend and me) on the observation point.
fotoObservation Point from the bottom.
fotoWalking in the Narrows, narrow section of the Virgin River Canyon. Sticks were very useful.
fotoWe walked the Narrows to about here.
fotoUnfreezing in the morning at the Red Rock Canyon campground, close to Bryce.
fotoLast viewpoint in the Bryce Canyon.
fotoView at the main amphitheare in Bryce from the Bryce Canyon.
fotoMe at the bottom of the canyon.
fotoPicture from the way up.

Thanksgiving in Las Vegas and Death Valley

This was a four day Thanksgiving trip, we spent the firs two days in the Sin City, Las Vegas. Actually, it was only the evenings, during the first day we drove there and second we went to the Hoover Dam. The next two days we were in the Death Valley N.P..

fotoHoover Dam, view 200 m down to the bottom.
foto Intake towers at the Hoover Dam.
foto Lake Mead not far from the dam.
foto New York New York, a good-looking casino complex in Las Vegas.
fotoOur shitty campsite in Death Valley.
fotoSand Dunes close to Stoveppipe Wells.
fotoArtist's Drive, colored rocks.
fotoDevil's Golf Course, salt rocks on the dry lake bed.
fotoNatural Bridge in one of the side canyons.
fotoBadwater, the lowest point on the western hemisphere.
fotoSalt plain beside Badwater.

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