Backpacking in the East Fork Blacks Fork, Uinta Mountains

7/1 - 7/4 2000

Another holiday means another long weekend and an oportunity to leave the town. As the temperatures in the Salt Lake Valley reached uncomfortable levels, the logical destination is the Uinta mountains, with reasonable camp elevations above 3000 m. We decided to avoid the crowds and headed to the East Fork Blacks Fork valley, in the middle northern slopes of the Uintas, with trailhead about 27 miles on a dirt road (quite rough at spots) east from the Mirror Lake Highway.

Check out the Photo tour of the East Fork Blacks Fork and Lovenia Basin for map and pictures.

We left Salt Lake on a rainy friday evening. It took us about 1.5 hrs. to reach the turnoff at the Mirror Lake Highway, quite close to the Wyoming border. Then we got on a dirt, which turned out to be quite a ride, it took us good 1.5 hours to cover the 27 miles or so. The farther we went, the worse the road was. Still, the road is passable alright for low clearance cars. There are just many holes, around or through which one must go slow. We reached the trailhead at the East Fork Blacks Fork at around 1am, and found ourselves to be the only campers at a nice several-site campground.
To be continued...

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