Trips in the summer 2003

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22/7/03 Weekend in central Idaho
12/8/03 Dinotrax mountain bike festival at Flaming Gorge
1/9/03 Weekend in Zion NP - Subway and the Narrows

Local stuff

Below are links to pages and photos from some hikes, rides, etc. that happened in the Summer of 2003. Though I spent most of the summer with broken finger (broke it once in early June and rebroke in late July), I managed to have a quite fun summer.

Hike to Deseret Peak in Stansbury Mtns. (29.6.)
Hike to Mt. Superior, watching mountain goats (6.7.)
Ride up White Pine Canyon (24.7.)
Hike to Pfeifferhorn (27.7.)
Ride on Rail Trail from Park City to Echo and back (17.8.)
Epic ride from the Avenues to Big Cottonwood and back (23.8.)
Hike to Mt. Nebo (24.8.)
Ride with my parents on the Antelope Island (14.9.)

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