Snowshoeing around Salt Lake

Snowshoeing is a relatively new sport to me, as I started in the winter 1999-2000. So far just hikes in the Wasatch.
Big Cottonwood Canyon
Little Cottonwood Canyon

Big Cottonwood Canyon

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Broads Fork

Canyon leading to the Broads Fork Twin Peaks, day before Christmas Eve 1999 we snowshoed up to the upper basin for about 2 hours and then rushed back.
Lower Big Cottonwood from first lookout, just before dawn.
fotoMt. Olympus when we got out of the forest.
fotoDromedary Peak from the same spot.
fotoUpper Broads Fork basin from the lake, from the left, Dromedary P., Sunrise P., Twin Peaks.
fotoUpper Broads Fork basin from the lake again, but look more to the east, the sun is peaking out.
fotoView down the Broads Fork notice the "haze" = smog over the SL valley. We could not see anything in the distance, not even the Oquirhs 20 miles away. It makes you feel good to be above that crap.
fotoMy friend Gabi getting ready to go down.
fotoAnd me with a nervous pose, it's getting late, let's go down.
fotoLast view towards the Dromedary P., the sun is firing up.

newBeartrap Fork

Side canyon leading to the north, pretty narrow at times. Leads towards a ridge between Big C. and the Canyons skiing resort. Nice half day workout hike.
fotoCanyon about 2/3 way up.
fotoTop of the ski lift on the ridge

newMill B Fork (Lake Blanche) snowcamping

A snowshoenig - snowcamping trip me and my firend Dina did last week on January 2000. Accompanied by my two regular hiking companions, Gabi and Ivan, we hiked from ca. 1900 m. at the Broads Fork trailhead to Lake Blanche (2716 m.). On snowshoes with packs on, it took us good 3 hours instead of typical 1+ hr. hiking in the summer. Just before the Lake, Gabi and Ivan turned back, and we set a camp on the southern shore of frozen Lake Blanche, just before dawn. The night was clear and pretty cold, probably slightly below -10 C. I bet we were the only ones there that night, although this is quite popular spot.
We slept pretty late that morning, waiting for the sun to come, then had some breakfast and snowshoed a bit up towards the saddle between Sundial Peak and the main ridge. Then it was a fun run down towards the camp, pack the tent and go down back to the civilization.
fotoDina about 2/3 way up the Mill B Fork, smile on her face as Ivan is carrying her pack ;-)
fotoGabi and Ivan on the trail at the same spot.
fotoDromedary Peak from about the same place.
fotoIvan and Gabi little higher up, having a snack.
fotoDina in the fire hole. There was about 1.5 m snow at the campsite, about 25 cm fresh.
fotoMe in the same place. I had 3 layers on my legs and 4 layers on my top, was feeling just right next to the fire.
fotoMy tent Gemma in the evening, experimental photo turning out alright.
fotoFrozen Lake Blanche from our campsite, view directly north.
fotoSide ridge east of the valley we camped. Notice the small avalanche paths.
fotoDina getting out of the tent in the morning.
fotoThe fire hole in the morning.
fotoDina cooking breakfast or something.
fotoOur campsite with the Sundial Peak in the background.
fotoHiking up above the Lake Blanche.
fotoSundial Peak from the north-west.
fotoDromedary Peak (left hidden behind the tree) and B. F. Twin Peaks (actually only one of them, the other is hidden behind) from hills above the lakes, view directly west.
fotoMt. Olympus with Salt Lake Valley in the distance from one of the snowed-on rock plateaus above the lakes.
fotoSundial Peak from the west.
fotoView towards the south, left behind the slope is the ridge between Sundial Peak and the main ridge.
fotoDromedary Peak from where we turned around.
fotoDina rushing up, the Millcreek-B. Cottonwood ridge in the distance, with most distinctive hill, Mt. Raymond in the middle.
fotoRunning down the hill.
fotoSundial Peak from a forest somewhere above our camp.
fotoSundial Peak from the Lake Blanche wall (i.e. its north-eastern end.
fotoDina warming up her fingers, Mt. Superior in the distance.
fotoView down the Mill B fork from the lake.

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Maybird Gulch snowcamping

Two days venture, one day hike up to a ridge between Red Pine and Maybird gulch, camp there and hike back the next day. The hike up took a little longer, due to heavy packs, but we were rewarded by a night in solitude.

Cardiff Pass

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