President's Day Weekend Trip to Cedar City

Part of the group, namely Martin, Mark, Udo, Holly & family and colleague Lucy from Oxford took a weekend trip to the south on the President's Day weekend 2000. Main emphasis was on cross-country skiing, which many tried for the first time. Everybody skied on Saturday in the Cedar Breaks NM. The weather was very nice, it was sunny and warm, maybe too warm. We were probably the only skiers there that day, surrounded by swarms of snomobilers (conservative estimate ratio 100 snowmobilers to 1 skier). Apart from this, the day was a success. Less successful was an evening search for restaurant in Cedar City, which serves beer with the meal. After several attempts, we were recommended a mexican restaurant La Fiesta, a bit off the city center, which turned out to be nice and inexpensive establisment with wide selection if 3.2% beer and margaritas, apart from good food. So also this adventure had a happy ending.
On Sunday, Martin went skiing again and the rest drove to Zion NP to do some hike. Since the skiing M. went was in a bit less scenic area, the snowmobilers density was also much less which with a bit colder weather added to an enjoyable day.

fotoGetting ready to set out, at the trailhead - end of a road.
fotoSame as above, from the other side.
fotoMark and Lucy on the first overlook.
fotoNorthern part of the amphitheater in Cedar Breaks, view west and north-west (combined photo 140 kB).
fotoMark and Lucy on the overlook we had lunch.
fotoRanger station at the Cedar Breaks, closed for the season.
fotoPoint Supreme, major lookout at Cedar Breaks.
fotoMe at this point.
fotoMain Cedar Breaks amphitheater from the Point Supreme (combined photo 300 kB).
fotoView from lookout on Ut. Hwy. 14 close to the Cedar Breaks turnout to the south, Zion Canyon in the distance (combined photo 160 kB).
fotoView down from the Navajo Lake area towards the pink cliffs, where is e.g. Bryce Canyon.
fotoNavajo Lake under the snow.

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