Desolation and Gray Canyon Rafting

I took this trip together with a group of people organized by University of Utah Outdoor Recreation Program (ORP). We set of from Salt Lake on Wed. 26.5. and drove to Sand Wash, about 40 miles off Duchesne, on a dirt road. Here we put in and stayed on the river for the next five days, doing 15-20 miles a day. Therefore, we had also some time to hike around and explore the canyons.


Click on the foto camera image to view the picture.

Day 1
foto Getting ready to float.
foto foto First moments on the river.
foto One interesting side canyon.
foto On a hike near the campsite in Gold Hole.
foto Bones under an overhang nearby.
foto Petroglyphs.
foto foto foto fotoViews on the river from a ridge above.
foto Indian paintbrush flower with a hoodoo in behind at the same place.
foto Another bones, now in a wash in the side canyon thru which I went up.
Day 2
foto Campsite in the Gold Hole in the morning.
foto foto Fooling around in the calm river.
foto Somewhere on the river.
foto foto foto Viewes from a hike up the Jack Creek Canyon, place of our secend day camp.
Day 3
foto foto On the river.
foto fotoEmergency campsite near the Three Canyon Rapid (found during the thunderstorm).
Day 4
foto foto foto foto foto On the river.
foto foto foto Wire Fence Rapid.
Day 5
foto Campsite under the Coal Creek Rapid.
foto foto foto foto On the river.
foto Gunnison Butte at the end of Gray Canyon, end point of the trip.
foto foto Packing all the stuff on the trailer.
foto Lunch at Ray's in Green River.
foto Green River street near Ray's, Gray Canyon cliffs in the background.

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