Trips in the spring 2003

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19/4/03 Mountain biking in northern California

Local stuff

Below are links to pages and photos from some hikes, rides, etc. that happened in the Spring of 2003.

Epic ride from SLC to Big Mtn. Pass, Parley's and back (last day of May)
A ride in Deer Valley (late May)
A ride to Millcreek Cyn (mid May)
Fotos from Fruita FFTW (late April)
Fotos from Gooseberry Mesa (early May)
A hike up Grandeur Peak in Millcreek Cyn (7.6.)
A hike up Mt. Olympus (late May)
A hike up Mt. Timpanogos (1.6.)

Other fotos:

Owls in my yard
Lunar eclipse (and guts of an AMD Opteron dual 1U node).

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