By car to the west

I took this trip with my parents when they came over in the summer of 1996.

Trip Plan (Overall map):
Drive from Carbondale to Denver, Co. (18 hrs.) - Almost a week of driving around Central Colorado in a rented car while my car was being repaired, the trip then continued in another car which I had to buy - Arches Natl. Park, Ut. - Salt Lake City, Ut. - Yellowstone Natl. Park, Wy. - Devil's Tower Natl. Mon., Wy. - Mt. Rushmore Natl. Mon., S.D. a Badlands Natl. Park, S.D. - back to Carbondale



foto Interstate 70 in eastern Colorado
foto A look at the main range of Rocky Mountains from Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Co.
foto Squirrel in a hole in the tree in Golden Gate Canyon State Park
foto Mountain lake on the way through Rocky Mountain Natl. Park, Co.
foto Mountain goat in Rocky Mountain Natl. Park
foto Fall River Pass in Rocky Mountain Natl. Park, 11796 ft. above sea level (3595 m.)
foto Mountains above Fall River Pass
foto Fall River Pass again

foto Camping for free in South Vray Canyon west of Boulder, Co.
foto Cliff over our campsite in S. Vray Canyon
foto Upper part of S. Vray Canyon
foto A typical landscape in central Colorado
foto Cows on the road in the middle of nowhere in central Colorado
foto Kremmling, a small wild-west-like town in the mountains of central Colorado

Western Utah

foto Valley of the Colorado River before Arches
foto Rock formations beside Colorado River valley
foto Rock formations a little further, close to Manti La Sal Mountains
foto Look from Manti La Sal Mountains to the north, towards Colorado River valley

Arches National Park, Ut.

foto Rocks (1)
foto Rocks (2)
foto Ballanced Rock
foto Window Arch
foto Delicate Arch
foto Delicate Arch from different angle
foto Typical landscape in Arches
foto My brother under one hill in Arches

Central and northern Utah

fotoNorhtern part of Canyonlands Natl. Parku in Utahu

foto Top level campsite in Green River State Park (about $10 per night)
foto Typical desert in central Utah, close to Green River
foto Road in central Utahu, between Green River and Price
foto Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Ut.
foto B29a in an aerospace museum at Hill Air Force Base, Ogden, Ut. (good museum, free entrance)
foto B52 a A26 in the same museum
foto P51d Mustang in the museum hall

Between Salt Lake City and Yellowstone

foto Our car in a camp beside Bear Lake, Id.
foto Sunset over Bear Lake
foto Grand Teton Natl. Park, Wy.

Yellowstone National Park, Wy.

foto Typical landscape in Yellowstone Natl. Park, the nature wakes up from the catastrophic forest fires in the late 80s.
foto Beehive Geyser (right), Old Faithful Geyser in the distance
foto Old Faithful Geyser during eruption
foto Grand Geyser
foto Spring of the Morning Glory
foto Steamboat Geyser foto Sulphur Geyser foto Yellowstone Lake
foto Yellowstone Canyon
foto Another look at the Yellowstone Canyon
foto Downfall on the Yellowstone River
foto Buffalo on a meadow in Yellowstone
foto Canary Spring in Mammoth Springs area in northern Yellowstone


foto Landscape in western Wyoming, close to Cody
foto A pass through Bighorn Mts. in central Wyoming
foto Devil's Tower with my brother
foto Another view at the Devil's Tower, now from the Visitor's Center parking lot
foto Camping for $7 in the National Forest close to Devil's Tower

South Dakota

foto Mount Rushmore, a mountain with carved heads of four US presidents in western SD
foto Badlands Natl. Park, overall view
foto Badlands Natl. Park by the Visitor's Center

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