Hike to the Kings Peak

Weekend trip to the highest point in Utah, Kings Peak, 4123 m., located in the Uinta Mountains about 100 mil east of SLC. It is about 12 miles from the trailhead to the summit, so we took a weekend for that. Drove there on Friday night, backpacked about 9 miles up the valley to the upper part of the basin below Kings Peak and camped there overnight. On Sunday, we started early to finish the last 3-4 miles to the summit, where we were sometime after 11 am. Then back to the campsite, pack and hike back to the car, another ca, 3.5 hrs. Here is the map (370 kB).


fotoHaving lunch about 7 miles up the trail, Kings Peak in the middle background.
fotoMt. Powell (4011 m, on the east side of the valley) from the same spot.
fotoStarting the hike on Sunday morning, smoke from our fire still visible.
fotoTowards the Gunsight Pass, West Gunsight Peak (3694 m) on the right.
fotoGayathri's first encounter with the snow.
fotoMe in the Anderson Pass (3760 m), Kings Peak in the background.
fotoUdo at the same spot.
fotoView from the Kings Peak to the east, on the left, South Kings Peak (4119 m), then Yellowstone Basin and Western Unitas in the background (composite picture 220 kB).
fotoView from the Kings Peak to the south, Mt. Emmons (4097 m) ridge and Timothe Lakes Basin (composite picture 110 kB).
fotoThe group on the summit, view to the east.
fotoView to the North, to the Henry's Fork Basin, where we came from.
fotoGoing down towards the Anderson Pass on the boulder field.
fotoOn the plain towards the Gunsight Pass, Kings in the background.
fotoBird I almost stepped on in this area.
fotoIn the Gunsight Pass (3694 m) looking north into the Henry's Fork.
fotoLook from about mile down from where we camped towards the Kings Peak on Sun at ca. 4pm, the storm was already there.
fotoView from the same spot down the Henry's Fork Basin.
fotoScary bridge across the creek in about the midway down.

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