Trips in the spring 2007

Weekend trips

Weekender in the Arizona Strip / St. George

10/3/07 Loop around Mokaac and Wolf Hole Mountains
11/3/07 Loop around Big Valley

Weekender in the Robbers Roost country

10/4/07 Exploring Robbers Roost Flats
10/4/07 Hike in the Horseshoe Canyon

Trip to Colorado Springs

27/4/07 Riding singletrack in South Canyons area of Pueblo Reservoir
28/4/07 Riding the tandem through Colorado Springs trails
29/4/07 Riding the tandem on Monument Trail
30/4/07 Exploring southwest foothills of Colorado Springs
30/4/07 Evening hike in Garden of Gods park

Trip to Cedar City to teach class at SUU

10/5/07 Riding in the Three Peaks area west of Cedar City
10/5/07 Riding the Red Mountain trail in Cedar City, and around the town
12/5/07 C trail loop east of Cedar City

Trip to Boise

13/6/07 Quick afternoon ride on east side of Boise Ridge trails
14/6/07 Riding the Boise Greenbelt on the tandem
15/6/07 Boise Ridge from the 8th street road
16/6/07 Tandem loop up Rocky Canyon and towards Lucky Peak Res.
17/6/07 A quick sunday ride to Table Rock
17/6/07 Some other fotos from Boise (wood chipping, ...)

Local stuff

Below are links to pages and photos from some hikes, rides, etc. that happened in the Spring of 2006.

2/6/07 SLC - Parley's pass - Big Mountain Pass - SLC loop
21/3/07 On tandem in Emigration Canyon
9/6/07 Another Emigration tandem ride
9/6/07 Tandem ride to Millcreek
28/5/07 Hike to Mt. Wire
29/5/07 Bike ride from SLC to Kamas

Other fotos:

Yard in the spring

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