Trips in the summer 1999

Taos and Santa Fe

In mid June, I attended a three day workshop in Santa Fe. Since we arrived a day earlier, we went to Taos Pueblo and surrounding mountains. Next days, when the time allowed, I walked around the city.

Taos Pueblo, cemetery and view towards one of the two large buildings.
foto Taos Pueblo, cemetery and ruins of the old church.
foto Taos Mountains, in the saddle at about 12000 ft.
foto Taos Mountains, ridge above the saddle where we did not go because of a thunderstorm.
foto Street in Santa Fe.
foto Santa Fe center, from a nearby hill.
foto Santa Fe central square, pretty lively all day.
foto Mural on a wall in Santa Fe.
foto Santuario de Guadalupe church in Santa Fe.
foto Hotel Santa Fe, where we stayed.

Boulder and Rocky Mountains

Another conference, that took place in Boulder, Co. at the end of June. I did few small hikes during the week and then camped for the weekend for two nights at the USFS Pawnee campground in the Indian Peaks Wilderness (south of the Rocky Mountain NP), and on Sunday drove thru RMNP and camped on its western side.

Monday Hike, our group on the foothills, Boulder below.
foto Monday Hike, mouth of the Boulder canyon with the city below.
foto Monday Hike, view towards the top of the canyon.

Hike on the Mt. Meeker Presumably the second highest mountain in the Rocky Mountains NP, 4240 m (13911 ft.). We decided to do this one instead of Longs Peak, because the trail there was icy. Route to Meeker was without complications, thru a large snowfield into a saddle and then boulder hopping to the top. The only problem was strong wind.
foto Mt. Meeker from about 11500 ft., we took the very right snowfield up.
foto Longs Peak from the same spot.
foto Peacock Pond, a small lake at the foot of Meeker.
foto Longs Peak from the top of Meeker.
foto Ridge east of Longs Peak from the top of Meeker, Estes Park area in the distance.
foto Valley where we came from from the top of Meeker.
foto Ridge of Meeker to the southeast, the Peak to Peak highway is visible.
foto Longs Peak from the saddle between Meeker and L.P..
foto Before the slide down the snowfield from the saddle.
foto Sliding down .
foto Chasm Lake under the east face of Longs Peak.
foto The valley we went to the saddle.
foto Another view on the east face of Longs Peak.

Indian Peaks Wilderness We stayed at the Pawnee Campground, on the shore of Brainard Lake, at about 10300 ft. On saturday, I hiked to the Mt. Auduborn, 13223 ft., about 4 miles one way.
foto Brainard Lake and another reservoir from about half way to the summit.
foto On the top of Mt. Auduborn, view to the north, to Mt. Meeker (right) and Longs Peak.
foto View towards the Mt. Auduborn from out campsite at Brainard Lake.

Rocky Mountains NP We drove on the Peak to peak Highway north to Estes Park and then across the mountains to the west.
foto Mt. Meeker from southeast, from a view area on the Peak to Peak Highway.
foto Me and Galina, Mt. Meeker and Longs Peak in the background, now from the east.
foto Longs Peak from north, just after enterance to the National Park.
foto Galina on the edge, on a switchback of the road going thru rhe NP, this view is to the east to the valley towards Estes Park.
foto Longs Peak from the same road, close to the highest point on the road.
foto Upper Colorado River valley, where we stayed last night.

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