With Amtrak in the Eastern US

I took this train trip in the Thanksgiving week of 1995.

Trip Itinerary

Sat. 18.11.

58 Carbondale, Il. (3.25A) - Chicago, Il. (9.00A)
48 Chicago (8.00P)

Sun 19.11

New York Penn. (3.49P)

Mon 20.11.

New York

Tue 21.11.

New York
165 New York Penn (7.20P) - Baltimore (9.58P)
66 Baltimore (10.52P)

Wed 22.11.

Boston - South St. (8.21A)
Boston, Ms.
67 Boston - S. St. (9.35P) -

Thu 23.11.

Philadelphia 30th St. (5.26A)
Philadelphia, Pa. 175 Philadelphia (6.58P) - Washington (8.59P) 66 Washington (10.00P)

Fri 24.11.

- New York Penn. (2.15A) 67 New York Penn (3.45A) - Washington (8.00A) Washington, DC

Sat 25.11.

66 Washington (10.00P) -

Sun 26.11.

New York Penn. (2.15A)
67 New York Penn (3.45A) - Baltimore (7.01A)
Baltimore, Md.
175 Baltimore (8.14P) - Washington (8.59P)
66 Washington (10.00P)

Mon 27.11.

- New York Penn. (2.15A)
67 New York Penn (3.45A) - Washington (8.00A)
29 Washington (4.05P) -

Tue 28.11.

Chicago (9.00A)
391 Chicago (4.00P) - Carbondale (9.30P)


Mammoth hunter shack in the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

Me at the piedestal of the Statue of Liberty in NY.

Battery Park, Lower Manhattan, NY

Lunch for the stock brokers, NYSE, NY

Ice-ring, Central Park, NY

Science Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, Ms.

Philadelphia downtown from Fairmount Park.

Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC

Washington, DC from the Arlington Cemetery.

Fountain on the Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC.

Me in front of the White House, Washington, DC

The Capitol at night.

Baltimore harbor from Federal Hill.

Light train in Baltimore, similar to the Czech trams.

Washington Monument from the Capitol .

Chicago Downtown from the Sears Tower.

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