HRRR Grib2 Tables

sfc f00-f01 sfc f02-f18 prs f00-f01

Record NumberShort NameFull NameLevelForecast PeriodUnits
1REFCComposite reflectivityentire atmosphereFile fxxdB
2RETOPEcho Topcloud topFile fxxm
3VILVertically-Integrated Liquid Waterentire atmosphereFile fxxkg/m^2
4VISVisibilitysurfaceFile fxxm
5REFDReflectivity1000 m above groundFile fxxdB
6REFDReflectivity4000 m above groundFile fxxdB
7REFDReflectivity263 K levelFile fxxdB
8GUSTWind Speed (Gust)surfaceFile fxxm/s
9UGRDU-Component of Wind250 mbFile fxxm/s
10VGRDV-Component of Wind250 mbFile fxxm/s
11HGTGeopotential Height500 mbFile fxxgpm
12TMPTemperature500 mbFile fxxK
13DPTDew Point Temperature500 mbFile fxxK
14UGRDU-Component of Wind500 mbFile fxxm/s
15VGRDV-Component of Wind500 mbFile fxxm/s
16HGTGeopotential Height700 mbFile fxxgpm
17TMPTemperature700 mbFile fxxK
18DPTDew Point Temperature700 mbFile fxxK
19UGRDU-Component of Wind700 mbFile fxxm/s
20VGRDV-Component of Wind700 mbFile fxxm/s
21HGTGeopotential Height850 mbFile fxxgpm
22TMPTemperature850 mbFile fxxK
23DPTDew Point Temperature850 mbFile fxxK
24UGRDU-Component of Wind850 mbFile fxxm/s
25VGRDV-Component of Wind850 mbFile fxxm/s
26TMPTemperature925 mbFile fxxK
27DPTDew Point Temperature925 mbFile fxxK
28UGRDU-Component of Wind925 mbFile fxxm/s
29VGRDV-Component of Wind925 mbFile fxxm/s
30TMPTemperature1000 mbFile fxxK
31DPTDew Point Temperature1000 mbFile fxxK
32UGRDU-Component of Wind1000 mbFile fxxm/s
33VGRDV-Component of Wind1000 mbFile fxxm/s
34MAXUVVHourly Maximum of Upward Vertical Velocity in the lowest 400hPa400-1000 mb above groundPrevious Hour Maxm/s
35MAXDVVHourly Maximum of Downward Vertical Velocity in the lowest 400hPa400-1000 mb above groundPrevious Hour Maxm/s
36DZDTVertical Velocity (Geometric)0.5-0.8 sigma layerPrevious Hour Averagem/s
37MSLMAMSLP (MAPS System Reduction)mean sea levelFile fxxPa
38HGTGeopotential Height1000 mbFile fxxgpm
39MAXREFHourly Maximum of Simulated Reflectivity at 1 km AGL1000 m above groundPrevious Hour MaxdB
40MXUPHLHourly Maximum of Updraft Helicity over Layer 2km to 5 km AGL5000-2000 m above groundPrevious Hour Maxm^2/s^2
41TCOLGTotal Column Integrate Graupelentire atmosphere (considered as a single layer)Previous Hour Maxkg/m^2
42LTNGLightningentire atmosphereFile fxxnon-dim
43UGRDU-Component of Wind80 m above groundFile fxxm/s
44VGRDV-Component of Wind80 m above groundFile fxxm/s
45PRESPressuresurfaceFile fxxPa
46HGTGeopotential HeightsurfaceFile fxxgpm
47TMPTemperaturesurfaceFile fxxK
48ASNOWTotal Snowfallsurface(none)m
49MSTAVMoisture Availability0 m undergroundFile fxx%
50CNWATPlant Canopy Surface WatersurfaceFile fxxkg/m^2
51WEASDWater Equivalent of Accumulated Snow DepthsurfaceFile fxxkg/m^2
52SNOWCSnow CoversurfaceFile fxx%
53SNODSnow DepthsurfaceFile fxxm
54TMPTemperature2 m above groundFile fxxK
55POTPotential Temperature2 m above groundFile fxxK
56SPFHSpecific Humidity2 m above groundFile fxxkg/kg
57DPTDew Point Temperature2 m above groundFile fxxK
58RHRelative Humidity2 m above groundFile fxx%
59UGRDU-Component of Wind10 m above groundFile fxxm/s
60VGRDV-Component of Wind10 m above groundFile fxxm/s
61WINDWind Speed10 m above groundPrevious Hour Maxm/s
62CPOFPPercent frozen precipitationsurfaceFile fxx%
63PRATEPrecipitation RatesurfaceFile fxxkg/m^2/s
64APCPTotal PrecipitationsurfaceAccumulated since f00kg/m^2
65WEASDWater Equivalent of Accumulated Snow DepthsurfaceAccumulated since f00kg/m^2
66FROZRFrozen RainsurfaceAccumulated since f00kg/m^2
67SSRUNStorm Surface RunoffsurfaceAccumulated since f00kg/m^2
68BGRUNBaseflow-Groundwater RunoffsurfaceAccumulated since f00kg/m^2
69CSNOWCategorical SnowsurfaceFile fxx-
70CICEPCategorical Ice PelletssurfaceFile fxx-
71CFRZRCategorical Freezing RainsurfaceFile fxx-
72CRAINCategorical RainsurfaceFile fxx-
73SFCRSurface RoughnesssurfaceFile fxxm
74FRICVFrictional VelocitysurfaceFile fxxm/s
75SHTFLSensible Heat Net FluxsurfaceFile fxxW/m^2
76LHTFLLatent Heat Net FluxsurfaceFile fxxW/m^2
77GFLUXGround Heat FluxsurfaceFile fxxW/m^2
78VGTYPVegetation TypesurfaceFile fxxInteger(0-13)
79LFTXSurface Lifted Index500-1000 mbFile fxxK
80CAPEConvective Available Potential EnergysurfaceFile fxxJ/kg
81CINConvective InhibitionsurfaceFile fxxJ/kg
82PWATPrecipitable Waterentire atmosphere (considered as a single layer)File fxxkg/m^2
83LCDCLow Cloud Coverlow cloud layerFile fxx%
84MCDCMedium Cloud Covermiddle cloud layerFile fxx%
85HCDCHigh Cloud Coverhigh cloud layerFile fxx%
86TCDCTotal Cloud Coverentire atmosphereFile fxx%
87PRESPressurecloud baseFile fxxPa
88HGTGeopotential Heightcloud baseFile fxxgpm
89HGTGeopotential Heightcloud ceilingFile fxxgpm
90PRESPressurecloud topFile fxxPa
91HGTGeopotential Heightcloud topFile fxxgpm
92ULWRFUpward Long-Wave Rad. Fluxtop of atmosphereFile fxxW/m^2
93DSWRFDownward Short-Wave Radiation FluxsurfaceFile fxxW/m^2
94DLWRFDownward Long-Wave Rad. FluxsurfaceFile fxxW/m^2
95USWRFUpward Short-Wave Radiation FluxsurfaceFile fxxW/m^2
96ULWRFUpward Long-Wave Rad. FluxsurfaceFile fxxW/m^2
97VBDSFVisible Beam Downward Solar FluxsurfaceFile fxxW/m^2
98VDDSFVisible Diffuse Downward Solar FluxsurfaceFile fxxW/m^2
99HLCYStorm Relative Helicity3000-0 m above groundFile fxxm^2/s^2
100HLCYStorm Relative Helicity1000-0 m above groundFile fxxm^2/s^2
101USTMU-Component Storm Motion0-6000 m above groundFile fxxm/s
102VSTMV-Component Storm Motion0-6000 m above groundFile fxxm/s
103VUCSHVertical U-Component Shear0-1000 m above groundFile fxx1/s
104VVCSHVertical V-Component Shear0-1000 m above groundFile fxx1/s
105VUCSHVertical U-Component Shear0-6000 m above groundFile fxx1/s
106VVCSHVertical V-Component Shear0-6000 m above groundFile fxx1/s
107HGTGeopotential Height0C isothermFile fxxgpm
108RHRelative Humidity0C isothermFile fxx%
109PRESPressure0C isothermFile fxxPa
110HGTGeopotential Heighthighest tropospheric freezing levelFile fxxgpm
111RHRelative Humidityhighest tropospheric freezing levelFile fxx%
112PRESPressurehighest tropospheric freezing levelFile fxxPa
113HGTGeopotential Height263 K levelFile fxxgpm
114HGTGeopotential Height253 K levelFile fxxgpm
1154LFTXBest (4 layer) Lifted Index180-0 mb above groundFile fxxK
116CAPEConvective Available Potential Energy180-0 mb above groundFile fxxJ/kg
117CINConvective Inhibition180-0 mb above groundFile fxxJ/kg
118HPBLPlanetary Boundary Layer HeightsurfaceFile fxxm
119HGTGeopotential Heightlevel of adiabatic condensation from sfcFile fxxgpm
120CAPEConvective Available Potential Energy90-0 mb above groundFile fxxJ/kg
121CINConvective Inhibition90-0 mb above groundFile fxxJ/kg
122CAPEConvective Available Potential Energy255-0 mb above groundFile fxxJ/kg
123CINConvective Inhibition255-0 mb above groundFile fxxJ/kg
124HGTGeopotential Heightequilibrium levelFile fxxgpm
125PLPLPressure of level from which parcel was lifted255-0 mb above groundFile fxxPa
126RHPWRelative Humidity with Respect to Precipitable Waterentire atmosphereFile fxx%
127LANDLand Cover (0=sea, 1=land)surfaceFile fxxProportion
128ICECIce CoversurfaceFile fxxProportion
129SBT123Simulated Brightness Temperature for GOES 12, Channel 3top of atmosphereFile fxxK
130SBT124Simulated Brightness Temperature for GOES 12, Channel 4top of atmosphereFile fxxK
131SBT113Simulated Brightness Temperature for GOES 11, Channel 3top of atmosphereFile fxxK
132SBT114Simulated Brightness Temperature for GOES 11, Channel 4top of atmosphereFile fxxK