GOES-16/17/18 on Amazon Download Page


This page makes it easy to explore the GOES dataset on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and download files with the click of a mouse.

  1. Select the desired domain, product, date, and hour for which you want to download.
    • The "source" option refers to where the data is downloaded from. AWS is Amazon's cloud. OCC is the Open Commons Consortium and has GOES files from the last 7-8 months. If you get an XML error when downloading from the Amazon source, try switching to OCC. Check the URL in bold below to confirm the source.
  2. Click the submit button.
    • A blue box appears for every file that is available.
    • The L1b Radiances and L2 Cloud and Moisture Imagery have separate files for each of the 16 bands.
    • All other L2 products have a single file for each observation time.
    • The number on the blue box represents the minute the scan started.
    • Full disk scans are available every 15 minutes, CONUS scans are available every 5 minutes, and mesoscale scans are available every minute.
    • Some L2 products are not available for all domains.
  3. Click the desired file and the download will begin.

Also check out the Alternative Download Page

For bulk and scripted downloads, consider using rclone, AWS CLI, Python's s3fs library, or NOAA CLASS.

Downloaded files are in NetCDF format. For example:


  • OR - data is operational and in real-time
  • ABI-L1b-RadM1- - is the product, with the mesoscale 1 domain. C is for CONUS, F is for full disk, and M2 is for Mesoscale 2.
  • M3C01 - Mode is 3 and Channel is 01
  • G16 - GOES-16 (G17 for GOES-17 and G18 for GOES-18)
  • s20172511100550 - scan start time sYYYYJJJHHMMSSm: year, day of year, hour, minute, second, tenth second
  • e20172511101007 - scan end time sYYYYJJJHHMMSSm: year, day of year, hour, minute, second, tenth second
  • c20172511101048 - scan file creation time sYYYYJJJHHMMSSm: year, day of year, hour, minute, second, tenth second
  • .nc - This is a NetCDF file.

More details can be found on Amazon's page.

Data from the Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) is downloaded from Amazon S3 . Read this description about the data.

The base download URL is https://noaa-goes16.s3.amazonaws.com

The file path is: /product/year/day_of_year/hour/file_name

Usefull Links:

Band Number Resolution (km) Wavelength Spectrum Name
01 1 0.47 µmVisibleBlue Band
02 0.5 0.64 µm Visible Red Band
03 1 0.86 µm Near-IR Veggie Band
04 2 1.37 µm Near-IR Cirrus Band
05 1 1.60 µm Near-IR Snow/Ice Band
06 2 2.24 µm Near-IR Cloud Prticle Size Band
07 2 3.90 µm IR Shortwave Window Band
08 2 6.20 µm IR Upper-Troposphere WV Band
09 2 6.90 µm IR Mid-Level Troposphere WV Band
10 2 7.30 µm IR Low-Level Troposphere WV Band
11 2 8.40 µm IR Cloud-Top Phase Band
12 2 9.60 µm IR Ozone Band
13 2 10.3 µm IR Clean IR Longwave Band
14 2 11.2 µm IR IR Longwave Band
15 2 12.3 µm IR Dirty IR Longwave Band
16 2 13.3 µm IR CO2 Longwave IR Band

Note: The resolution of the Multi-band files for all channels and other L2 products is 2 km.


Brian's GOES-2-go package


You can view and download files from public AWS buckets with Python's s3fs library.



My tutorial uses rclone to access public GOES-16 files from Amazon Web Services. Brian's rclone Tutorial

Amazon Web Services CLI


Google Cloud Platform gsutil

GCP gsutil


gsutil cp gs://gcp-public-data-goes-16/GLM-L2-LCFA/2019/100/00/OR_GLM-L2-LCFA_G16_s20191000059400_e20191000100000_c20191000100027.nc .



This is a bit laborious.

Also try my GOES-2-go python package for downloading GOES data.
Tip: Use the H5Web extension in VS Code to preview these NetCDF files.

Click or tap to download from noaa-goes16 S3 bucket: https://noaa-goes16.s3.amazonaws.com/ABI-L2-CMIPC/2024/198/00/

Number represents the scan's start minute for the requested hour

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