HRRR Archive: Best Practices

Updated April 13, 2021

This HRRR archive has been made possible by the resources at Utah's Center For High Performance Computing.

HRRR data is originally downloaded from NOAA via HTTP and NOAA ESRL via FTP. These original files are quite large (prs files are >380 MB and sfc files are >100 MB each hour!) That means if you download prs analyses for one day that's over 9 GB! Please be conscious of what you download.

This was an unofficial HRRR archive that is now being slowly reduced. We do not guarantee HRRR data will be available for every day or every forecast hour. We do not provide this HRRR data operationally or in real-time. If you are looking for real-time, operational HRRR data please use NOMADS or the expanded HRRR grib2 archive now being supported by NOAA and the Registry of Open Data on AWS.

If you still wish to use what is available in this archive, by using the archive, you agree to the following:

Nothing to worry about in the fine print